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USI’s Center for Economic Education and the Indiana Council for Economic Education at Purdue University co-hosted Economics Camp on September 25-26 in Santa Claus, Indiana. This is an annual two-day workshop for high school economics teachers. Representing USI were Dr. Daria Sevastianova, associate professor of economics and director of the Economic Education Center; Dr. Cathy Carey, dean, Romain College of Business; Dr. Matthew Hanka, associate professor of political science; and Mary Harper, director of student financial assistance. 

L to r: Dr. Daria Sevastianova, Katelyn Knoll, Charlie Peters, and Brice Miller.
L to r: Dr. Daria Sevastianova, Katelyn Knoll, Charlie Peters, and Brice Miller.

Sevastianova gave the opening talk, Brexit and the EU: Why It Matters to You. Hanka, Harper, and Sevastianova participated in a discussion panel on the Costs of Higher Education and Free College Proposals. Three Romain College business majors were on a panel that discussed What Students Can Do with Economics. They are Katelyn Knoll '20, economics; Brice Miller '20, business administration with an economics minor; and Charlie Peters '21, economics. They talked about their paths to economics and career opportunities, and discussed what can be done to attract more women to the field and prepare them for the job market. The student panel was very insightful, and it inspired many conversations with the high school teachers. "It is very encouraging to speak with high school educators to see what all the possibilities are with economics for future students," said Miller.

The students were invited to visit Castle and Harrison High Schools to talk to students about economics. "It was such a rewarding feeling to have two high school teachers come up to me after the panel and ask if I would like to visit their students to speak on what you really can do with an economics degree," said Knoll. 

"This was the first time that USI students participated in Economics Camp," said Sevastianova, "but given how successful they were, I will be sure to involve students in future programs for high school teachers."

"Economics Camp is one the many outreach activities of the Romain College of Business," remarked Carey. "Dr. Sevastianova provides excellent educational experiences for regional high school teachers that help them incorporate current events into the classroom curriculum while providing information on how the economic way of thinking is a valuable skill in any career path."

Published September 30, 2019