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Indiana College Core (ICC)

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What is it?

The Indiana College Core (ICC) Certificate consists of 30 semester hours of general education credit. The ICC certificate must be awarded by a public college or university. View the list of CAP courses and AP equivalents that count toward USI's ICC certificate.

Completion of the ICC permits transfer of all 30 hours to another public institution within Indiana and counts as satisfying the ICC equivalent at the receiving institution.

The Indiana College Core is based on competencies and learning outcomes in six areas:

Foundational Intellectual Skills Ways of Knowing
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Humanistic and Artistic
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Scientific
  • Written Communication
  • Social and Behavioral

To see if your high school offers the ICC, or to help you plan how you might earn the ICC, visit the My College Core Planning Tool.

How does it help me?

Depending on your major, you might get through college a little faster. Or you could take advantage of new opportunities like study abroad, internships, or a double major to make yourself stand out in the job market.

Being a USI student comes with a lot of benefits, and earning the ICC can make your experience even better. These are just some of the examples of what you can take advantage of after earning the ICC.

  • Interested in studying abroad? Check out the Center for International Programs Study Abroad website to see the different programs and scholarships offered to USI students.
  • Being an Honors student at USI comes with a lot of perks. Go to the Honors Program website to learn more.
  • USI's Career Services and Internships department helps students find internships, develop resumes and interview skills, and much more.
  • Interested in earning a double major? Look through this list of USI's majors and minors to see all the choices USI offers.
  • USI offers a lot of scholarships. Visit the Scholarships and Financial Aid page to see the options. There are several scholarships that are available to Indiana residents only.

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education also offers students career discovery resources on their Learn More Indiana page.

What else should I consider?

What if I can't do this or it's not available at my high school?

It's perfectly fine. Plenty of research shows that one or two college courses help students feel more prepared for college. You can still explore your college major options and future career choices - and just enjoy high school!

What if I I've just finished high school and was on track to earn the ICC? What next?

Your next steps are: make sure all final dual credit grades are posted on each college or university's transcript; through that institution, request official transcripts be sent to USI; make sure you've requested all AP scores be sent to USI and understand it will be early July before those arrive. Your certificate will be formally awarded on your USI transcript by early August. If you matriculate to USI, it will be here waiting for you. Otherwise, learn how to send your USI transcript to your final college/university. This checklist is a good reminder of all your next steps!

USI is approved to award the ICC certificate through dual credit. Work with USI’s ICC advisor, Tim Fitzgibbon, to determine if the ICC is right for you.

Mr. Tim Fitzgibbon, 812-465-1606,