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Students not meeting course expectations may be formally notified of their deficiencies and an improvement plan developed that addresses these deficiencies (Appendix B). The improvement plan should include measurable student outcomes, a timeline, and reflect expected outcomes of the course. 

Course faculty will prepare the course improvement plan, review it with the student, and secure the student’s signature.  Copies of the completed plan will be added to the student’s file. Any email communication with the student should also be recorded in the student’s file.  

Faculty are responsible for sharing the course improvement plan with the Program Chair prior to discussing with the student.  If more than one course improvement plan needs to be established during the student’s plan of study, progression in the program will be formally reviewed by the Admissions and Progression committee. If a student withdraws from a course when a Performance Improvement Plan is in place, they will be required to go through the Graduate Nursing Admissions and Progressions committee to return to the program.   A copy of the Performance Improvement Plan form is found in Appendix B.