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Letter from the Assistant Dean of Nursing

Mission & Philosophy

Vision, Mission and Core Values
Goal Statements
Conceptual Framework
Code of Ethics

Guidelines and Standards

National Guidelines and Standards
Outcome Statements

Curriculum and Course Descriptions

DNP Curriculum and Plan of Study
Course Delivery
Practice Hours
DNP Project
DNP Practice Partner Collaboration
Completion of the DNP Project

Admission & Progression Policies

Transfer of Course(s)
Grading Scale
Incomplete Grade
In Progress Grade
Modification of Plan of Study
Course Performance Improvement Plan
Withdrawal from Courses
Absence from the Program

DNP Advising and General Policies

Academic Advising
Relocating During Program
Academic Rights and Appeal Policies
Technology Proficiency
Writing Proficiency
Student Assignments
Academic Integrity
Health Insurance
Disability Accommodations
Financial Aid and Scholarships

General Information

Appendix A: Professional Standards and Behavior
Appendix B: Notification of Graduate Course Performance Improvement Plan
Appendix C: DNP Project Practice Partner Form
Appendix D: Practice Hour Tracking Document
Appendix E: Doctor of Nursing Practice Student Agreement Form
Appendix F: DNP Project
Appendix G: Social Media Policy