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The expenses of the program include tuition and fees, books and uniforms. Prior to admission students must purchase an online drug testing, background check and immunization tracking system called In addition, prior to the start of clinical education, students must purchase an online clinical management system called Trajecsys. Students will also need reliable transportation for travel to clinical education, which may be up to 70 miles away from the University. Fuel expenses for travel will also be incurred. 

For information on current charges for tuition and fees, contact the USI Office of Admissions at 812-464-1765.

Additional costs incurred by students during the program are for textbooks, uniforms, personal identification nameplates, and purchase of online clinical education management system (Trajecsys). Students will also be required to complete pre-program clinical obligations (drug screening, national criminal background checks, and various immunizations), which is done through an online management company (CastleBranch) for a fee. Textbooks required for each course are available in the University Bookstore at the beginning of each semester. Uniforms may be purchased anywhere provided they meet the requirements established by the Radiologic Technology Program. Nameplates are available for a minimal fee from the University Bookstore/Eagles Access. Fees associated with the Program and not found on the Admission’s web-page are:

  • Clinical management system (Trajecsys): $150 onetime fee in Spring semester
  • Castle Branch: $130 onetime fee prior to starting professional courses
  • Uniforms (average of 3 uniforms needed; 1 laboratory coat; all white shoes; students may need replacement uniforms over the course of 28 months; average cost $40-$50 per uniform (top and bottom only): $250-$500 over course of program
  • Textbooks: average $1200-$1500 over course of program
  • Identification name plate: $5 onetime fee during first Spring semester in program
  • Medical dosimetry badge fee ($45 per clinical course): $270 for all clinical courses- this fee is a mandatory fee for all students enrolled in clinical education courses
  • Professional Liability insurance (once year at $20 each): $40
  • Lead identification markers (varies if students need replacement markers during 6 clinical courses; two sets are needed to begin program ($20-$30 a set): $40-60
  • CPR (students may need renewal course before finishing program): varies $90-$110 per course
  • Immunizations: varies per student and medical insurance
  • Reliable transportation and fuel for travel to clinical affiliates: varies
  • Lab fee- Nursing and Health Professions classroom ($50 per course utilizing Radiology classroom/lab; 16-19 classes)- $800-$950 over course of program

These expenses can vary and are subject to change.

If housing is required, information on cost and availability can also be obtained through the Office of Admissions.

Financial aid information can be obtained through the Office of Student Financial Assistance at 812/464-1767.

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