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Student and Program Outcomes


The University of Southern Indiana Radiologic Technology Program seeks to graduate students with advanced knowledge, innovative technologies and skills development essential for medical imaging professionals to respond as an interdisciplinary team member for the promotion of the health and welfare of diverse patient populations.


The University of Southern Indiana Radiologic Technology Program goals:

 Goal One:  Student will promote the health and welfare of patients through critical thinking.

Outcome 1:     Students will apply critical thinking to assess and adapt to varying clinical

presentation of patients.

Outcome 2:     Student will evaluate radiographic images for pathology pertinent to


Goal Two:  Student will demonstrate clinical competency as an interdisciplinary team member.

Outcome 1:      Student will produce quality radiographic images using advanced

technology for proper positioning while providing appropriate patient care.

Outcome 2:      Student will apply knowledge of advanced patient assessment.

 Goal Three:  Student will demonstrate effective interpersonal skills.

Outcome 1:      Students will demonstrate effective interdisciplinary communication skills to deliver care to a diverse patient population.

Outcome 2:     Student will apply effective interpersonal skills in a healthcare


Goal Four:  Student will demonstrate professionalism through growth and development activities.

Outcome 1:      Student will demonstrate clinical professionalism.

Outcome 2:      Student will plan a career path for professional goals.

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