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Grading Scale

Letter grades for professional respiratory therapy courses (prefix REST) are based on the following scale, unless otherwise specified in course syllabus:

Grade Percent
A 90% - 100%
B+ 87% - 89%
B 83% - 86%
C+ 80% - 82%
C 75% - 79%
D 72% - 74%
F 71% and below

Grades received throughout the semester, including grades on examinations, quizzes, projects, papers, etc. will be rounded up to the next whole number if the numeric grade contains a fraction of .5 or greater. For example, an examination grade of 87.8% would be rounded up to an 88%. An examination grade of 87.4% would not be rounded up and would be recorded as an 87%. The final course percentage grade for the semester will not be rounded up. For example, a final course percentage grade of 87.8% would be recorded as an 87%.

All assignments and projects must be completed and submitted on or before the dates due. All make-up assignments must be submitted by the dates specified by the course instructor. Failure to do so will result in a zero for the assignment.

Depending on the circumstance of the missed assignment or exam, it will be at the instructor’s discretion to issue a grade of “incomplete” until the assignment can be submitted. Assignments NOT submitted within two weeks of the incomplete will result in a zero grade for the missed assignment or exam.

An Incomplete grade at the close of an academic semester must be approved by the Director of the Respiratory Therapy Program. An Incomplete will be used only when extenuating circumstances have resulted in the student being unable to complete course requirements by the end of the semester. In rare instances in which this occurs, the following policies are in effect:

  1. A grade of Incomplete will not be used to allow for remedial work; student work must be at the passing level.
  2. All University of Southern Indiana policies regarding incomplete grades are applicable to respiratory therapy courses. Please refer to the University Of Southern Indiana Bulletin.

Examinations / Review of Exams

All examinations will be administered only on the date and time announced.
Make-up exams will be given under the following circumstances:

  1. Death in the student's immediate family.
  2. Hospitalization of the student.
  3. Written excuse from student's personal physician.
  4. Other extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the Program Chair and may be approved.