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RRT to BSRT Course Expectations

The RRT to BSRT program classes are all online. Students are expected to participate in online discussions and submit assignments as designated in the course calendar.

Planned absences for non-university related activities must be pre-approved by course instructor at least one month before the absence. Any assignments missed should be completed before the absence. If the student is absent for an exam, the exam should be taken within 24 hours of return. The student is responsible for contacting the course instructor to discuss the absence. If the absence is approved, the student must communicate with each course faculty to plan make-up of missed assignments, clinical, and/or exams.

In case of an emergency, contact the course faculty as soon as possible. All course assignments must be completed. If a student does not communicate with faculty and make arrangements for completion of assignments, faculty may deduct from the assignment or exam grade or give a grade of zero for the assignment or exam.

RRT to BSRT Course Assignments

Written assignments are essential to meeting course objectives and must be submitted to faculty by the announced date. If problems are noted with written assignments, the student will be counseled and issued a letter of warning. A copy of the letter will be placed in the student's academic file in the College Office. Failure to submit written assignments on time may result in the student being given a "0" for the assignment.

Writing Skill Requirements (APA)

The Respiratory Therapy Programs will abide by the 7th Edition of the APA Manual for written assignments. Faculty will provide guidelines regarding minimal expectations for adherence to APA style. Additional guidance for writing in APA style may be found at the Rice Library website.