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2023 Faculty Excellence Awards

Excellence in Teaching

Headshot of Dr. Ken Walsh

Dr. Ken Walsh

Excellence in Scholarship

Headshot of Dr. Todd Nelson

Dr. Todd Nelson

Excellence in Service

Headshot of Dr. Zane Mitchell

Dr. Zane Mitchell

Excellence in Advising

Headshot of Dr. Stacey Murray

Dr. Stacey Murray

Staff Excellence

Headshot of Mrs. Julie Whorl

Mrs. Julie Whorl

The faculty members chosen to receive these awards have gone above and beyond the call of educator and have succeeded in excelling expectations. These selected have been gone through a selection process by their respected committees and were sought to be the best of the best and deserve to be represented as such.

2023 Research Award Winners

  • Dr. Jacob Lutter - Synthesis of metallamacrocylic compounds with trivalent lanthanide luminescence.
  • Dr. Kyungyel Kim - Development of Fitness Switching Costs Scale - Short Form (FTCS-S): Item response theory (IRT) and classical test theory (CTT) approaches.
  • Dr. Milad Rad - Microstructure Evaluation of the Coating-based De-icing Systems Developed for Protection of Steel Pipes Against Freezing and Bursting.
Innovation Award
  • Dr. Alyssa Weatherholt - Influencing High School Students to the Kinesiology and Sport Department Programs Through Active Engagement
  • Alison Grabert - USI Regional Science Olympiad
Barnett Award
  • Alexandria Etienne, Madison Gerbig, and Dr. Alex Champagne (Faculty Mentor) - Is the Fountain of Youth in the Tropics? Molecular Underpinnings of Metabolism and Aging in Tropical and Temperate Birds.
  • Caleb Burkdoll and Dr. Jeannie Collins (Faculty Mentor) - Analysis of Cytoskeletal Motor Proteins of Class Myxomycetes.