University of Southern Indiana

College Committees

Recruitment and Retention Committee (2020-2022)

Associate Dean, Pott College of SEE Glenna G. Bower
Biology Kim Delaney
Chemistry Ken Walsh
Engineering Dave Ellert
Geology/Physics Carrie Wright
Kinesiology & Sport Alyssa Weatherholt
Mathematics Melody Lee
Mathematics  Misty Ostergaard
Teacher Education Jeff Thomas
SwiSTEM Allison Grabert

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (2020-2022)

Biology Alex Champagne
Chemistry Ken Walsh
Engineering Amy Chan-Hilton
Kinesiology & Sport Chase Smith
Mathematics Melody Lee
Physics Eric Greenwood
Teacher Education Xavia Chate-Harrington

College Excellence Awards Committee (2020-2022)

Biology  Kim Delaney
Chemistry Edmir Wade
Engineering Jenna Kloosterman
Geology/Physics Tony Maria
Kinesiology and Sport Chase Smith
Mathematics Yalcin Sarol
Teacher Education Clarissa Willis
Dean's Office Glenna G. Bower

Communication Liaison (2020-2022)

Biology  Kyle Mara
Chemistry Ken Walsh
Engineering Glenn Kissel
Geology/Physics Kenny Purcell
Kinesiology and Sport Renee Frimming and Jamie Little
Mathematics Rick Hudson
Teacher Education Moriah Smothers
Dean’s Office Glenna G. Bower

Innovation Committee (2020-2022)

Biology Kyle Mara
Chemistry Jeannie Collins
Engineering Marco Lara Gracia
Geology and Physics Eric Greenwood
Kinesiology and Sport Josh Wildeman
Mathematics Mark Creager
Teacher Education Ilfa Zhulamanova
Dean's Office Glenna G. Bower

Interdisciplinary Research Grant (2020-2021)

Biology Edie Hardcastle
Chemistry Jeannie Collins
Engineering Farid El Breidi
Geology/Physics Christos Deligkaris
Kinesiology and Sport Cody Strom
Mathematics Heather Cook
Teacher Education Tori Colson
Dean's Office Glenna G. Bower

SEERGA Committee (2020-2021)

Biology Eric McCloud
Chemistry  Priya Hewvitharanage
Engineering  Art Chlebowski
Geology/Physics  Joe DiPietro
Kinesiology and Sport  Guoyuan Huang
Mathematics  Uditha Wijesruriya
Teacher Education  Moriah Smothers
Dean's Office  Glenna G. Bower 

Committee Representatives 

Faculty Senate Representative

Dr. Rex Strange (2020-2022)
Dr. Kenny Purcell (2019-2021)
Dr. Adrian Gentle (2019-2021)

Faculty Senate Alternate

Dr. Brent Summers(2020-2022)
Dr. Ron Diersing (2019-2021)
Dr. Brent Summers (2019-2021)

University Assessment Committee Dr. Kyle Mara (2020-2022)
University Curriculum Committee

Dr. Kerry Hall (2020-2022)
Dr. Julian Davis (2019-2021)

Faculty Affairs Committee

Dr. Eric Greenwood(2020-2022)

Dr. Stacey Keown (2019-2021)

Student Academic Affairs Committee Dr. Uditha Wijesuriya (2020-2022)
Economic Benefits Committee

Dr. Heather Cook (2020-2022)
Dr. Edie Hardcastle (2019-2021)

University Promotions Committee Dr. Brent Summers (2020-2022)
Faculty Grievance and Hearing Committee Dr. Jeff Thomas (2020-2022)
Faculty Grievance and Hearing Committee Alternate

Dr. Jenna Kloosterman (2020-2022)

University Core 39 Council 

Dr. Mark Creager (2020-2022)
Dr. Brandon Field (2019-2021)

University Core 39 Council Alternate

Dr. Rex Strange (2020-2022)
Dr. Misty Ostergaard (2019-2021)

Honors Faculty Council Dr. Paul Doss (2018-2020)
College Graduate Council

Dr. Rob Carroll (2020-2022)
Dr. Joy Howard (2019-2021)

Faculty Awards Committee (FASTRC)

Dr. Misty Ostergaard (2020-2022)
Dr. Tori Colson (2020-2021)


Dr. Kelly Sparks (2020-2023)
Dr. Alyssa Weatherholt (2020-2023)
Dr. Art Chlebowski (2019-2021)

Responsible Conduct of Research Committee

Dr. Alex Champagne (2019-2022)
Dr. Priya Hewavitharange (2019-2022)

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