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Contact USI
  1. Request a TCard
  2. Have your trip info ready (e.g., event documentation, estimates, funding sources, Academic Affairs Travel Request & Class Coverage Form)
    • Note: Contact your Chair, Dean, or Director regarding your area's internal approval processes for business trips 
  3. Submit a Pre-Approval (PA) in Chrome River
    • Note: A PA is needed in order to use your TCard and/or be reimbursed for eligible business trip expenses
    • Note: A PA should be entered at least one to two weeks (more is better) prior to the trip departure date
  4. Book Travel
  5. Submit an Expense Report (ER) in Chrome River
    • Note: Submit an ER within two weeks of using your TCard to reconcile the transactions of pre-trip expenses (e.g., registration, airfare)
    • Note: Submit another ER after the trip is complete to reconcile all additional TCard transactions and/or reimbursement of eligible business trip expenses

Send an email to your Chair, Dean, or Director to document the business trip for workman's comp purposes.