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This semester, students in Dr. Sabinah Wanjugu's Digital Marketing 355 class embarked on a transformative collaboration with ePackageSupply, a company specializing in procuring, distributing, and fulfilling various packaging product lines within the country. This semester-long project was aimed at elevating the company's digital presence and covered key topics such as web design, SEO, email marketing, advertising, and social media marketing. The students had the opportunity to present their findings to ePackageSupply on December 6 as the final step of this project.

To align with ePackageSupply's brand identity and customer needs, the students conducted a comprehensive web critique, by conducting surveys and utilizing the cutting-edge eye-tracking technology in the Biometrix Discovery Lab. This study aimed to evaluate the user journey on ePackageSupply's new website, providing invaluable insights into user engagement and interaction. The students leveraged this data to propose design changes that not only improve visual appeal but also streamline the conversion process, emphasizing the importance of data-driven decisions.

The students also conducted a thorough SEO audit, by assessing ePackageSupply's search engine visibility, identifying on-page and technical SEO factors affecting rankings, and proposing strategies for optimization. In addition, with a keen eye on ePackageSupply's existing digital marketing strategies, the students used the Biometrix Lab to evaluate the effectiveness of ePackages promotional materials. Eye-tracking data showed that promotional materials that had food or people in them caught more attention and were perceived more positively. The students provided constructive feedback and recommendations based on these findings. They went on to suggest a future marketing campaign, strategically designed to elevate EpackageSupply's brand in the local market. The students evaluated existing advertising and email campaigns, offering insights to refine and optimize content. Focused on a particular digital campaign, they crafted three engaging emails, each meticulously designed to resonate with EpackageSupply's target audience.

The final phase involved a comprehensive social media critique, where the students examined EpackageSupply's current social media presence across platforms. They evaluated content types, posting frequency, engagement levels, and follower growth, culminating in actionable recommendations to elevate EpackageSupply's social media engagement and brand awareness.

"As the students presented their findings on December 6th, their dedication and innovative use of the Biometrix Discovery Lab for eye-tracking studies stood out as a testament to the unique opportunities our college provides for enriching students’ learning experiences," said Dr. Wanjugu. "The impact of these technologies extends beyond the classroom, leaving a lasting impact on the future career paths of our students."

Senior marketing major Garett Morley added: "The ePackageSupply presentation was a very educational experience. This project allowed us to incorporate our knowledge of digital marketing into a professional experience. Through this project, I was able to develop real-world experience while strengthening my portfolio and structuring my foundational understanding of digital marketing principles in website UX, SEO, email marketing, social media, marketing strategies, branding, and graphic design as well. Overall this was a very impactful experience."

Photos from the presentations