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Barry Cox, President of Warehouse Services, Inc., recently made a $100,000 gift to the Romain College of Business to establish a scholarship endowment for students enrolled in the College's Supply Chain Management Certificate program. This new gift will provide perpetual scholarship support for eligible students. Eligibility for the scholarship includes:

  • Full-time USI undergraduate students who are enrolled in the Supply Chain Management Certificate program
  • Second preference will be given to full-time USI undergraduate students who are majoring in management
  • The student recipients must be in good academic standing at USI when the scholarship is both awarded and received

Warehouse Services, Inc. has its operating headquarters in Mount Vernon, Indiana. The company provides various supply chain services (e.g., warehousing, distribution, fulfillment services, etc.), and it occupies more than 18 million square feet of distribution space in over 20 locations across North America.

Eight employees holding check

Warehouse Services, Inc., which has more than 4,000 personnel to manage and support its clients, employs many USI alumni with some serving in leadership positions. Cox has hired numerous USI alumni throughout his career, and he wants them to know he is investing in their alma mater.

"I am truly grateful to Mr. Barry Cox, President of Warehouse Services, Inc., for his generous support for students seeking the new Supply Chain Management Certificate," says Dr. Abbas Foroughi, Chair of Management and Information Sciences. "His strong interest in the Certificate underscores how much regional companies value the establishment of this new program. I would also like to thank the Supply Chain Management Committee and other management faculty for their hard work and support in creating this timely certificate." 

In addition, Cox has been a member of the USI Foundation Board Advisory Council for 22 years. He has been a generous friend of the University, and he truly values USI’s economic impact on this region and beyond.

Please join us in thanking Cox and Warehouse Services, Inc., for their generous gift and kind investment in our students.

*photo: USI/USI Foundation