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The USI programs offer simulation, clinical and lab experiences. Experience policies can be found on the Simulation Center webpage.

Clinical Simulation Center Statement of Consent

While in the Clinical Simulation Center (CSC) and all other learning venues, simulation interactions may include but are not limited to human patient simulators, standardized patients, peer to peer role play, virtual reality, and augmented reality. You are expected to treat all of these interactions as real patient experiences. Faculty/Instructors, CSC staff, and students are expected to adhere to and uphold all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements and any other federal or state laws requiring confidentiality.

The CSC is equipped to record both audio and visual. You will be recorded while participating in activities or simulations in the CSC and other learning venues.

You must contact your program chair in advance of the simulation activity to opt out of being recorded or photographed. An alternative assignment may be required by your instructor.

Your participation is acknowledgment and consent to being audio/visual recorded and or photographed. These recordings/photographs are property of USI and may be used for educational, debriefing, IRB-approved research, and or an as-yet-determined use. This acknowledgment applies to all past recordings and photographs as well. You also accept that it is a breach of conduct to bring outside audio/visual equipment into the CSC and other learning venues to record or take photographs without express permission. Uploading video recordings or photographs taken during simulation to any social media platform without express permission from the University of Southern Indiana is a direct violation of this agreement.

Approved CSC Committee and Chairs Spring, 2023