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The USI Diagnostic Medical Sonography is offering an accelerated method of degree completion for high achieving high school students who have identified diagnostic medial sonography as a major of study at USI. This degree encompasses seven total semesters, including summers, allowing the student to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography within three calendar years. 

Who Is Eligible? High achieving high school students

Where Do I Start? The following list of prerequisite courses (31 hours) must be either completed OR be in progress during your freshman fall semester at USI.  If completed, the grade must be available to be eligible to apply to the DMS program. Please note: prerequisite courses must be completed with a C or better.  Required prerequisite courses in progress during the fall semester will require a grade C or better on the 6 week course progress report to be eligible to interview with the admission committee. Courses can be completed via CAP/dual credit or AP during high school or during the summer immediately following high school graduation. Any remaining coursework from the following list of prerequisite courses can be in progress during freshman fall semester, when you apply to the DMS program. 




ENG 101                                

Composition I


ENG 201

Composition II


CMST 101



MATH 111/114/215/230



PHYS 101

Intro to Physical Sciences


HP 115

Medical Terminology


BIOL 121

Anatomy & Physiology I


BIOL 122

Anatomy & Physiology I


RADT 196

Orient. To Radiology/Imaging



One course from WOK-Social Inquiry

(CAP courses SOC 121, PSY 201, POLS 102)


UNIV 101

First Year Experience





*Bolded courses denote CAP courses. Please note: not all CAP courses are available at all high schools.


What Else Can I Do?

  1. Contact DMS program chair, Amy Wilson, at if you are interested in the accelerated degree option to schedule an advising session during the fall or spring semester of your senior year of high school.  
  2. Review the DMS Program Guide
  3. Review the Accelerated Curriculum
  4. Finish and submit all required DMS admissions criteria (application, observation hours, and narrative submission) by September 15 of your freshman fall semester. A student requesting early admission to the DMS program will be required to complete the application process, interview with admission committee, and meet the minimum GPA requirement during the freshman fall semester at USI, along with traditional pre-DMS applicants.
  5. After a successful application process with an invitation by the admissions committee into the next DMS cohort, the early admission student would be provisionally accepted until all 31 hours of prerequisite coursework are completed with a C or better. If the student is unable to obtain grades of C or better during the fall semester in which s/he has been provisionally accepted, a position in the program is forfeited. The student must re-apply the following fall semester for admission.

Please Note:

Enrollment at USI in the accelerated DMS degree pathway does not guarantee admission into the Program.