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At a minimum, the JRC-DMS requires the following outcomes be publicly published for CAAHEP-accredited sonography programs: 

  • Student retention
  • Job Placement
  • Test Takers Rate
  • Credential Success Rates for Sonography Physics and Instrumentation (SPI), Abdomen (AB), Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN), Vascular Technology (VT) and Adult Echocardiography (AE)

USI DMS Program Number 110204

Each cohort begins with 10-12 students. 

Programmatic Outcomes

  1. The program graduate will function independently as a sonographer in hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices by:
    • Understanding the properties of ultrasound production and its interactions with patients,
    • Operating medical imaging equipment and accessory devices properly and efficiently,
    • Positioning patients of all ages and medical imaging equipment to produce high quality sonograms of all parts of the human body,
    • Demonstrating knowledge and skills relating to medical image processing,
    • Evaluating medical images for technical quality,
    • Providing patients with necessary care and comfort and anticipating patient needs,
    • Demonstrating knowledge of human structure, function, and pathology,
    • Providing appropriate assistance to radiologists and other physicians in the performance of medical imaging systems,
    • Demonstrating knowledge and skills relating to quality assurance and evaluating the performance of medical imaging systems.
  2. The program graduate will make reasonable and prudent decisions concerning the practice of sonography and be accountable for:
    • Providing a medically and physically safe environment for all patients,
    • Reacting appropriately to medical emergencies and other circumstances where help is needed to insure proper patient care or to overcome difficulties in the performance of duties,
    • Providing appropriate patient education,
    • Operating diagnostic medical sonography equipment within safe limits, recognizing equipment malfunctions,
    • Maintaining a high level of quality in medical images produced,
  3. The program graduate will demonstrate attitudes and personal characteristics conducive to success in sonography, including:
    • Conduct consistent with professional and ethical standards,
    • Activity in compliance with the profession’s scope of practice,
    • Ability to interact cooperatively with other health professionals,
    • Provision of care to all patients with respect for their individual rights and without discrimination,
    • Ability to communicate effectively through verbal, nonverbal, and written methods with patients and other health professionals.

Updated 3/2/20