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The DNP courses will use a hybrid method of course delivery with virtual educational intensives that are synchronous twice a year. Course delivery is via uses the Blackboard course management system. Student must have a computer with Internet access that supports video streaming. Each student will be required to attend virtual synchronous sessions/intensives, each fall and spring semester during each year the student is enrolled in the program. Each intensive will be approximately 1-2 days dedicated to class time, presentations, student projects, DNP project, and meeting with faculty. Student attendance for each intensive is mandated as a requirement of the DNP program curriculum.

Competency in the use of the computer to access information, communicate by E-mail, use Excel, Microsoft Word, and Power Point is a requirement of the DNP program. It is to your advantage to have your own computer, modem, and access to the Internet.  All graduate courses have distance education components which require reliable Internet communication.  Specific information regarding operating systems and software can be accessed through the USI Online Learning website: