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USI's Pott College uses Tk20 CampusTools™ as a comprehensive online data management system for all student activities in programs leading to certification for teachers or other school personnel. Students enrolled in certification programs are required to purchase to Tk20 to complete course assignments and to facilitate evaluations for courses, field experiences, and student teaching or internship/practicum.

The system enables students to participate and manage their academic activities throughout their college experience. This system allows students to:

  • Create and submit key assignments online.

  • Conduct online evaluations involving instructors, field mentors/supervisors, and students. 
    Create electronic portfolios documenting course work.

  • Keep records of field experience work and experience with student teaching/clinical practice (field assignments, field experience, student teaching, clinical practice and internships).

  • Submit forms online, including applications for student teaching and other field experiences for certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tk20 is a comprehensive data management system that allows students to be active online participants in multiple areas of their college experience including course instruction, field experiences, and sharing of assessment data.

Tk20 is a web-based program that can be used easily by both Mac and PC users through MyUSI.

The Tk20 system is updated on a regular basis and if your course is not appearing now it may appear in a few days. Please contact the USI IT Helpdesk if the issue persists.

Please refer to the TK20 online tutorials for guidance. Visit the Tk20 login page and click on the Tutorials tab. This will take you to tutorials that cover common problems. If you continue to experience problems please contact the USI Computer Center Helpdesk.

Assignments will appear in the "Pending Tasks" area of your Home tab. They are indicated by a red flag to the left of each pending task. Optionally, you can find pending coursework by clicking on the Courses.

Your files will be accessed only by you, your instructors, and advisors. Later on, with your permission, prospective employers may view designated portions of your file.

Please email myUSI Support at or call the myUSI Support Helpdesk at 812-465-1080 for immediate assistance.

Tk20 Helpdesk assistance is provided Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. - 10 p.m., Saturday: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m., and Sunday: noon - 6 p.m.

If you are unable to reach Tk20 Helpdesk Support or resolve your issue please contact Jean Moore or call 812-464-1779.

You may also visit the TK20 Support Site for additional information.

Questions and Tech Support

For General Questions:

Ms. Jean Moore,
Education Center 3125
Phone: 812-464-1779

TK20 Technical Support:

Please email USI IT or call the myUSI Support Helpdesk at 812-465-1080 for immediate assistance.