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Below are important facts to be mindful of with regard to the TCard:

Activate and sign the TCard.

To activate: Call the number on the sticker and use the last four digits of your employee ID number as the security verification - we never use your SSN.

The billing address is 8600 University Blvd, Evansville, IN 47712.

Individual cardholders are responsible for all charges made on the TCard and for reconciling the expenses to satisfy those charges. All unreconciled charges will be considered personal expenses and reported to Human Resources as a taxable benefit. Failure to reconcile charges accumulated on the TCard by completing an Expense Report, based on a fully-approved Pre-Approval submitted in Chrome River, could result in a loss of card privileges including the closure of the TCard account.

A fully processed Pre-Approval, in Chrome River, is required before a traveler's USI Travel Card will be opened for purchases. Travelers will receive an email from Travel USI when his/her TCard is opened for travel expense purchases.

The USI TCard may be used for payment of travel costs (e.g., lodging/bus/shuttle/taxi/uber) as well as purchase/payment of registration fees, air travel (including bag fees), vehicle rentals, and other travel agency purchases while on approved University business. Misuse of the USI TCard or failure to comply with policies may result in forfeiture of the USI TCard.

Food purchases are not allowed on the USI TCard because Per Diem is paid. This also includes transportation costs to restaurants unless there is a business purpose for the meal function.

It is recommended that travelers have another method of payment available in the unlikely event the USI TCard declines. If this should happen, then claim the amount on your trip Expense Report, in Chrome River, and upload the appropriate documentation.

If you will be making multiple purchases of the same type at the same location (e.g., fuel), then contact PNC Bank (number on the back of the TCard), before your trip start date, and let them know so your TCard doesn't decline.

All pre-trip purchases (e.g., airfare, registration, etc.), which you charge to your USI TCard, you need to reconcile in Chrome River, before the trip occurs, typically within two weeks of the purchases being made with the USI TCard. Do not wait until the trip is complete.

For charges that occur during the trip (e.g., bag fees, hotel, parking, shuttle/taxi, vehicle rental, etc.) you need to reconcile these expenses in Chrome River after the trip is complete, typically within two weeks of the trip's end date.

Contact PNC Bank (number on the back of the card) before a trip if you plan to use your TCard to make multiple payments at the same vendor (e.g., fuel purchases).

Contact PNC Bank (number on the back of the card) before a trip outside of the continental U.S. to notify them you plan to use the TCard in a foreign country.