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Creating Value Through Impact


To develop distinctive graduates who create value through innovative and impactful business solutions.


To deliver an exceptional student-centered business education that incorporates excellence through experiential learning, scholarship, and collaboration with business and community partners.

In fulfilling its mission, the Romain College of Business at the University of Southern Indiana is committed to excellence through a student-centered business education that provides personalized attention, enhances lifelong learning, values creativity and innovation, ensures an interactive learning experience, and nurtures social responsibility and integrity. This, in part, is accomplished by faculty who are actively engaged in research that will bring current and relevant knowledge to the curriculum. Consistent with its emphasis on teaching, research will focus primarily on applied and pedagogical issues. In addition, the College embraces service that is responsive to the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

Core Values

Distinction - We hold ourselves, our students and our institution in high esteem. We are committed to teaching learners to reflect, imagine, and innovate through experiential learning, thought-provoking exercises, community engagement, and cutting-edge curriculum. We provide the most current and relevant sets of skills and discipline knowledge to help our learners stand out on the national stage, both through their curricular experiences and in their career aspirations and achievements.

Passion for excellence – We regularly assess current business behavior, as well as the relevancy of our curriculum, and seek to provide our students with the business education necessary to perform at the highest levels in both business and society. We show our passion for our own professions by staying current in our fields and using the most appropriate teaching and learning styles to enhance learner comprehension and application of knowledge in our disciplines.

Integrity – We share a commitment to demonstrating and teaching strong ethical values in business, which include honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty, fairness, concern for others, respect for others, and respect for the law.

Diversity and Inclusion - We recognize the importance of equity in opportunity and of providing an inclusive workplace. We strive to create an equitable and inclusive environment wherein diverse participants are respected as individuals and are empowered to challenge prevailing thoughts and practices.

The Romain College of Business is committed to integrating its efforts in ways that help accomplish the University of Southern Indiana's goals and its vision as "a recognized leader in higher education boldly shaping the future and transforming the lives of its students through exceptional learning and intentional innovation."

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