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Accounting graduates will demonstrate a base knowledge of accounting consistent with the accounting profession.

The learning objectives for this competency include:

Cost/Managerial - Students will be able to apply the concepts and skills learned in the areas of product costing, budgeting, and performance analysis.

Financial  - Students will be able to prepare and interpret financial statements, analyze company performance, and apply GAAP to financial transactions.

Taxation - Students will demonstrate an understanding of federal income tax law in the United States by explaining sources and rationale for tax law, distinguishing between economic and tax items of gross income, identifying requirements for business deductions and differentiating between realized and recognized gains and losses.

Audit - Students will be able to apply auditing standards, employ appropriate audit procedures and recognize professional behavior expectations of auditors.

Accounting graduates will demonstrate ethical decision making that is relevant to the profession.
Accounting graduates will demonstrate analytical problem solving that is inherent in the profession.