University of Southern Indiana

Program Objectives and Student Outcomes

Learning Goal 1

Accounting graduates will demonstrate a base of knowledge, skills and professional orientation consistent with the accounting profession.

Learning Objective 1

Students will demonstrate a general tax consciousness, including an understanding of the role of taxation in society and the development of skills related to the recognition of the tax problems.

Learning Objective 2

Students will develop a foundation of tax knowledge, including the development of competence with respect to general concepts of taxation, procedural rules and their application, and tax planning.

Learning Objective 3

Students will understand the traditional cost accounting concepts such as cost flows, product costing, variance analysis, budget process, decision making performance analysis, and responsibility accounting.

Learning Objective 4

Students will be able to use the results of analytical procedures to identify “red flags” of audit risk.

Learning Objective 5

Students will be able to apply critical-thinking, decision-making, and analytical problem-solving skills in an accounting environment.

Learning Goal 2

Accounting graduates will demonstrate ethical decision making that is relevant in the profession.

Learning Goal 3

Accounting graduates will demonstrate analytical problem solving that is inherent in the profession.

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