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Upon completion of the MBA program graduates will have developed their capabilities in the following areas: An in-depth understanding of the functional fields of business and their interrelationships in complex organizations; experience with applied quantitative and behavioral tools of business analysis and decision-making; the ability to think critically and creatively within a global business context; a heightened sense of ethical considerations in decision-making within the business world; and improved communication and decision-making skills through utilizing information technology.

Program Learning Goals, Objectives, and Associated Metrics

MBA Program Learning Goals

MBA Program Objectives


1. Master the Fundamental Content in the Functional Domains of Business

Upon graduation, MBA students from USI will be able to:

Apply domain content from accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management, and computer information systems.

Internal and External Assessments

2. Make Decisions Effectively with Quantitative and Behavioral Tools of Business Analysis

a) Solve analytical problems

b) Perform a critical thinking analysis to make strategic business decisions

c) Formulate ethical business decisions

Applied Case Analyses

3. Communicate Effectively

Demonstrate effective written communication

Applied Case Analyses