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  • Rising Phoenix: A True Tale of Triumph

    Katelyn Vinci '21 M'23 never imagined she would one day be a college graduate. This provocative, heartfelt essay reveals what it was like for her to be homeless as a child.

  • Plumes of Smoke

    Alumnus Hans Schneider ’01 pens a thoughtful-piece on his year living in Ukraine on a Fulbright grant researching wooden churches and his family living through today’s Russian-Ukraine war.

  • A Piece of the D1 Pie

    The University's decision to advance to Division I athletics as part of the Ohio Valley Conference didn’t spring up overnight. This move was a long time in the making and positions USI to be showcased on a national scale.

  • A Seat at the Table

    Every two years, one student is selected by the Governor of Indiana to sit on the Board of Trustees. Learn what they do and what it was like for the first Student Trustee Eric Williams ’89 and the current Student Trustee Liam Collins ’23 to be part of USI going independent and Division I.

  • Into the Woods

    When the nonprofit Wesselman Woods needed a helping hand, USI faculty, alumni and students delivered with their skills and knowledge. Learn about the unique project they collaborated on to improve the experience of visiting Wesselman Woods.

  • Portal to the Past

    The murderous lynching of seven Black men was only whispered about for 144 years. Now USI and several of its departments are collaborating to ensure we can all learn from it.

  • The Recipe for Success

    When Cameron Kainer arrived to be the inaugural Head Coach of the Men's and Women's Swimming/Diving teams, all that greeted him was a beautiful, new empty pool. Today, the teams are making waves in the competitive collegiate world.