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MyUSI is a web portal to the many online school services that USI offers.  These services include:

AdvisorTrac is a portal where USI students can directly make an appointment online to see their advisor. For more information: AdvisorTrac
Award Spring is a scholarship management software accessible to USI students where you can complete a single application to which the software will automatically match you to potential scholarships based on the information you provided. For more information: Award Spring
BenefitFocus is an app for USI employees to manage their benefits such as insurance.
Blackboard is a course management system used by USI faculty and students. Many of your courses will require you to use Blackboard. Students can access course materials their professors make available and may participate in class discussions online. For more information: Blackboard 
Book It! is a portal where USI students can book specific rooms in the David L. Rice Library for a group study, individual study, and individual test taking. For more information: BookIt!
BuyUSI is an electronic procurement/purchasing system for USI employees.
  Campus Housing is a portal filled with information about everything you need surrounding campus-housing. This can include applying for on-campus housing, as well as a place to submit housing contracts, room inspection forms, contract cancellation requests, and more.
Campus Store App
Cayuse is a grant proposal app. For more information: Cayuse
Chrome River - Travel App is a travel and expense software for business trips or team travel.
Curriculog App is a curriculum change request and approval system used by faculty, deans, and provost.
Degree Works is a portal that offers many tools for advisors and students to track progress toward degree completion. For more information: Degree Works
Eagle Career Launch is a program that allows USI students to discover jobs that are tailored specifically for them. Here, you can directly apply for jobs, upload your resume, create a unique profile that can be viewed by employers, and more.
Eagle Sync is USI's one-stop-shop for activities and engagement outside of the classroom. It lists events happening around campus, houses of all of our Student Organizations, as well as many campus Departments. For more information: Eagle Sync
Eagles Mail is USI's official e-mail service. This is the main source of communication between instructors and the university.

Everfi is a portal for USI to deliver training courses to it's students and faculty. If USI requires you to complete any sort of training through Everfi, you will always be notified via e-mail.

Library is a portal where students of USI can access David L. Rice Library's online services. For another way to access this page without logging into your MyUSI account go here: Library
Office 365 - Students and employees can download a free copy of the Microsoft Office Suite. The suite includes applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many more applications. The software can be installed on no more than five different devices. For more information: Office 365
Online Training - This link takes you to Child Protection Policy Training and FERPA training.
OPRA Dashboard - Office of Planning Research and Assessment - Enrollment information
Outlook - Link takes you to your email on the web.  This is the same place that the Eagles Mail link will take you.
Qualtrics is a software used to create online surveys. It is also used for online web forms.
Rave Alert is USI's official notification system that gives immediate messages—via email, text message, and voice message—about emergencies, severe weather, crime and other incidents impacting the university community. For more information: Rave Alert
Self Service is a portal where students can register for classes, see their class schedule, view paystubs, request transcripts, view their financial aid status, and more.
Strategic Plan is a portal that provides an overview of USI's yearly strategic plan. This can include USI's core values, missions, visions, goals, objective, strategies, and more.
Study Abroad is a portal that provides USI students with access to learn about the study abroad program, along with study abroad programs, scholarships, information sessions, applications, and more. For more information:Study Abroad
Surplus Equipment Store - USI faculty, staff, retirees, and currently enrolled students can purchase surplus equipment. It is typically from the IT Department. 
Tk20 is a data management system for all USI student programs leading to certification for teachers or other school personnel. Tk20 is required to complete assignments for students who are enrolled in certification programs. For more information: Tk20
TouchNet is a portal that provides USI students with direct access to view and pay their billing statement. Students may sign up for eRefunds (direct deposit), enroll in payment plans, set up authorized users, and more.
VoiceThread is a portal that allows you to upload and share documents, presentations, images, audio files, and videos to other USI students and faculty. For more information go here: VoiceThread, scroll down and click "VoiceThread FAQ's."  
Zoom is a cloud-based video communications app that allows USI students, faculty, and staff to set up virtual video and audio conferencing, webinars, live chats, screen-sharing, and other collaborative capabilities. For more information: Zoom

Note: You will more than likely not have every app listed above on your MyUSI account. Some apps are only for students, faculty, student athletes, certain majors, or other groups.