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Human Resources will provide you with an Employee ID Number to be used to obtain your Eagle Access Card (ID Card). The Eagle Access Card office is located in the lower level of University Center West. The Eagle Access Card is your personal identification card and can be used for library privileges, Sodexo Food Services purchases, and access to the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center.

Blackboard is the name of a software program that USI uses for online instruction and communication. Students can access course materials you make available and may participate in class discussions online. Learn more on the Blackboard website.

MyUSI is a web portal to the many online school services that USI offers. Learn more about myUSI.

The University of Southern Indiana's Information Technology department maintains a fully staffed Help Desk.

Visit our service catalog at to submit a ticket.

The Help Desk can be reached by email at or by phone at 812-465-1080.

Student Computer Help Desk: If you are experiencing problems with your computer, you can schedule an appointment and bring it to the IT Help Desk. The student Computer Help Desk can assist with virus and spyware removal, and hardware diagnostics. For best service please call in advance to schedule an appointment. Although this is a free service for current USI students, it is not a drop off service.
*We do not service hardware issues on cell phones. (screen replacements as an example)

Bomgar Remote Support Software: The IT Help Desk uses Bomgar to assist you off-campus. We are able to create a secure remote support session where we can view (with your permission) your screen. By calling the Help Desk, we can solve many of your problems over the phone.

This link will take you to information on distance/online learning resources.

Yes, instructions can be found on our support page.

RAVE is a text message service that disseminates important information to the campus community, including emergency info, weather alerts, and school closings. Sign up for RAVE by logging on to the myUSI portal and clicking the red RAVE icon in your Eagle Apps located on the top left hand side of your home page.

Rave Alert Opt-Out

If you are no longer affiliated with the University of Southern Indiana and want to completely opt out of future USI Rave Alerts, send an email to and, in the subject line and in the body of the message type, "Remove USI Rave Alert Account."

If you are a current student or employee with an active email account, you may not completely opt-out of Rave Alerts*; you will continue to receive alerts to your account. You may, however, edit your account information as described above to remove other email addresses, mobile phone numbers and landline phone numbers from the service.

*The registration process for current students and employees is automated and updated daily. All active email accounts are automatically included. If you use the opt-out method above, your email will be re-added to the Rave Alert service during the next update.

There are 51 computer labs on campus and numerous printing locations.

1. You will need to know the assigned name of the desired printer.

2. Ask another employee in your office for their printer name. To locate the printer name, click Start, Control Panel, Devices and Printers. Write down the printer name.

3. Click Start

4. Type \\ in the white dialog box that opens immediately above*.

5. Look for {desired printer name} and double-click to install.

If you see an error message about rights or access, call the Help Desk at (812)465-1080.

  • Email is the best way to reach students, however discretion should be used when communicating through this channel. Under special circumstances, when it is important to get a message out to all students, University Communications can send a message to all students and/or faculty and staff through the University's Constant Contact account. 

  • The SOURCE is the weekly student activities e-newsletter for the University of Southern Indiana community. Student Development Programs creates and manages the e-newsletter, which contains ads and information on upcoming events. Advertisements for events can be submitted by emailing your information and graphing to

  • Use the University Calendar to post an event. Events scheduled through Special Events are automatically added to the calendar, however you should contact the calendar administrator for your area to make sure the details and description of your event are uploaded to the calendar. 
  • Use Blackboard, a course management system used by USI faculty and students. Many of your courses will require you to use Blackboard. Students can access course materials their professors make available and may participate in class discussions online. 

Currently an employee’s name, office location and telephone information are populated from the HR Banner system.

If this information is incorrect, use this Information Change Form to update your information for the website, outlook and HR's Banner system.

If you have had a name change, and you would like your email address and login ID to change - use the online form.  Example your user name needing to change from JSJones to JSBlack.  You should have already completed the name change process in Human Resources prior to filling out the IT form.

HR requires the name in their system match your Social Security card EXACTLY.

We have designed a Work-around so that you can have a preferred NAME appear in email – without changing what is in the HR system.  This form only changes the spelled out name - not the email address and LoginID.  If you would like your DISPLAY name to change - use the online form.  Example: from Richard to Rick.

Information about WiFi on campus can be found here.

Most of our email distribution groups have an “owner” within the department.  This person has the ability to add/remove members.  To find the owner, and request membership, follow the instructions below.

Log into your email via the web -

1. Click on the COG / Settings (top right)

2. Choose OPTIONS

3. Choose GROUPS (on left)

This should show you what groups you belong to (below)

4. Click on the +JOIN icon

5. Search for your Distribution list (Department name)

6. Double click the distribution list.  

7. At this point you can see who owns/manages the group.

8. Click JOIN – this should send an email to the owner asking them to add you to the distribution group.

9. Always remember to LOG OFF of your web mail – Click on your name (top right), and choose Sign Out.

Click here to fill out a form.

You can easily submit a ticket to IT by going to our portal or sending an email to

Click here to learn about the telephone system on campus.

Yes. TurningPoint is a classroom response system used at the University of Southern Indiana to encourage classroom and audience participation.

Clickers and/or Licenses can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  1. Purchase a Clicker and/or license at the USI Campus Store.  
  2. Purchase a Clicker and/or license directly from Turning Technologies.
  3. License can be purchased for 1 year or 4 years.a

The Information Technology Department will provide technology support for this system.  Contact the Helpdesk.

The TurningPoint Cloud Instructor software should be installed on the Instructor-Workstation.

These instructions tell you how to import the Academic events on the University Calendar into your outlook calendar.