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USI Biology alumni have been admitted to all major health professions programs in the region and most major medical, dental, and allied health programs in the country. Our alumni have gone on to careers as academic, government, and industry scientists, professors, and technicians as well as physicians, veterinarians, dentists, attorneys, and other professionals.

Selected Professional and Graduate Programs

  • Indiana University
  • Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Indiana University School of Dentistry
  • Harvard University
  • Marian College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • University of Evansville Master of Physician Assistant
  • University of Evansville Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • IUPUI Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Indiana University School of Health & Rehabilitation Master of Physician Assistance
  • University of Florida
  • St. Louis University School of Medicine
  • UCLA
  • University of Kentucky College of Medicine
  • Lipscomb College of Pharmacy
  • University of Alabama Birmingham
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry
  • University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy
  • Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • University of Louisville College of Dentistry

Selected Alumni Employers

  • Astra Zeneca
  • Mead Johnson
  • St. Vincent
  • Deaconess
  • ACS Habitat Management, California
  • Berry Plastics
  • Talley Eye Institute
  • Evansville Vanderburgh School District
  • Kentucky Bioprocessing
  • OZ Taylor Distilling
  • Spencer County Corner's Office
  • PCL Alverno
  • Kerry Ingredients
  • Ascent Classical Academy, Lone Tree, CO