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Advising Information

Geology and Physics faculty members are available during the academic year to discuss academic planning, career goals, and professional development opportunities. Close collaboration between the student and the faculty advisor contributes markedly to your success at USI. Students are encouraged to use the USI Advising Handbook to assist them in planning course schedules and learning about campus resources.

The Department offers a B.S./B.A. degree in Geology that prepares students for careers as professional geologists, or the pursuit of an advanced degree in geology.  If you are interested in the Geology degree program, please contact our department.  

The Department also offers a B.S. degree in Environmental Science that prepares students for environmental careers, or the pursuit of an advanced degree in environmental science or related fields. If you are interested in the Environmental Science degree program, please contact our department.  

If you are a first-year student, transfer student preparing to be admitted to your major, or a Pott College student seeking academic and career advising, our Student Advising and Resource Center is available to help. If you are not sure of your advising status you can check with the Geology and Physics Department (please see below for relevant contacts) or the Pott College Advising and Resource Center.  

We offer several academic support services to help students achieve their educational goals. For instance, Academic Skills provides a relaxing and welcoming environment that offers tutoring, supplemental instruction, and report writing assistance. Career Services and Internships is committed to assisting students and alumni in transitioning from college to career by providing a full range of career development services, such as workshops, career fairs, resume review, and mock interviews. And, the Counseling Center is committed to helping students fulfill their hopes, dreams, and potentials in their journey of life-long learning. 

In some instances, you may struggle with a class and need to repeat it to be successful. If you are repeating a class for a third (or subsequent) time, you will need to complete a “Course Repeat Form.”  The purpose of this form is to make sure that you have a productive conversation with your advisor about academic success and the resources available to students, such as tutoring and supplemental instruction.

  • Environmental Science and Geology majors
  • Earth-Space concentration in Secondary Education
  • Geology and Geography minors
  • Biophysics and Physics majors
  • Physics and Physical Science in Secondary Education
  • Physics minor