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Study Physics at USI

Physics is the study of the most basic laws of nature and describes such phenomena as electricity, light, sound, magnetism, forces, energy, and heat.  It is a requirement for all science majors and critical in many courses of study. 

The Physics Program at USI offers many options to students with an interest in physics.  For the majors, we offer a BA/BS option in Physics, as well as a BA/BS option in Biophysics.  We also offer minors in Physics and Biophysics that complement degrees in other disciplines. The Physics degree offers four possible tracks for the major: (1) Traditional—for students pursuing further studies in graduate school; (2) Teaching—for students seeking licensure to teach in high school setting; (3) Applied—for students seeking training in physics and engineering that can be applied in industry; and (4) Computational—for students seeking physics and computer training for applications in problem solving and analysis in research or industry. The Biophysics degree offers high level training in multiple disciplines (including biology, chemistry and math) enabling entry into medical school, graduate school or research and development opportunities.

Students in the physics program enjoy small classes with a great deal of personal attention from quality instructors. Our excellent instruction extends outside the classroom as well, with hands-on projects, including research opportunities for all students in our program. Students graduating with degrees in physics are prepared for graduates studies in physics, medical school, engineering, and other post baccalaureate programs—or they qualify for opportunities to work in exciting research and development fields.