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Study Geology at USI

If you have an inquisitive passion for nature and the outdoors, a desire to understand the natural wonders of Earth, and/or a concern for responsible stewardship of global natural resources, then pursuing a geology degree at USI might be right for you. At USI, you will have the opportunity to work with faculty members on hands-on research, to present your ideas at conferences, and to travel on excursions to unique geological locales, such as to the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Yellowstone National Park, or the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

The USI Geology Program provides numerous Departmental scholarships to students and facilitates internships with local companies. Geology is unique in that it combines aspects of biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics, providing a background that is useful for almost any career path. Geology majors at USI are provided with analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills that are desired by employers and splendidly prepares those interested in pursuing an advanced degree.

Forbes magazine listed Geology as number 7 on its list of the 15 most valuable college majors. Why? Because a Geology stresses problem-solving skills that are in demand and transferable to a wide range of professions that include business, engineering, law, consulting, and education. Such skills include lateral thinking, teamwork, technical writing, verbal communication, observation, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation.

Geology is the primary science that deals with energy, natural hazards, and environmental issues. Demand for the types of skills mastered by our geology majors is high and is predicted to remain high in the future. As we move in to a future of growing human population and need for natural resources, geologists will play an important role in resource management and remediation of the many environmental problems that we will face.

USI Geology alums are working in a variety of professions across the career spectrum including, but not limited to, academia, business, consulting, education, engineering, government, mineral exploration, and the petroleum industry. USI Geology faculty are dedicated to your success.