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Advance Your Career With an Online Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree

Earn an affordable, achievable and career-expanding degree with a Bachelor of Professional Studies from the University of Southern Indiana. Designed specifically for adult learners, our 100% online degree in professional studies enables you to complete your program and build your career with a personalized course of study based on your specific goals, available time commitment and work experience.

Whether you’re a working adult, military veteran or active-duty service member, we are committed to helping you reach your full potential. Before you begin your degree in professional studies, our dedicated advisors will analyze your past experience and college credits to help you design your individualized program and choose the best degree track for your goals – either the Applied Studies degree track or the Individual Studies track. Whichever type of professional studies major you choose, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of entirely online courses, and most of our programs have accelerated completion options.

Our commitment to your success will continue throughout your studies with extensive advising services to help you navigate your workload, career goals and schedule. The time it will take to complete your professional studies major will depend on your specific prior college work and your custom attendance schedule.

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What Can You Do With a Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree?

Pursuing a professional studies major can open up a world of new opportunities, whether you’re looking to advance in your current career or change professions. Explore the wide range of careers and salaries you can pursue with a degree in professional studies. Some of our Individual Studies and Applied Studies degree students also go on to graduate programs in areas such as health administration, business, social work and teaching.

Adult Student Grant

If you are a Professional Studies major over the age of 25 and living in Indiana, you may qualify for the Adult Student Grant of up to $2,000, offered by the state. The Adult Student Grant can help make your degree in professional studies more attainable, regardless of whether you’re a full- or part-time student. There is no repayment required, and you can apply every year!

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Student Success

"As a student himself, [Courtney] Johnson mentored kids at two middle schools and calling on friends via social media to join him to clean up parks in the city’s forgotten areas. 'I’m always passionate as far as helping people and giving back, but I really wanted to get others involved in what we are doing.'"

Courses within the BPS Program are offered entirely online using a learning management system. Access to a reliable computer with internet access is required. 

Bachelor of Professional Studies Program Goal

Students will develop analytical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills applied to diverse topics that will equip them to be flexible and effective problem-solvers and advance their careers.

Bachelor of Professional Studies Student Learning Objectives

All Students will demonstrate proficiency in these skills:

    • Demonstrate effective communication skills in a variety of settings

    • Identify and assess the meaning and impact of diverse perspectives, conditions, and situations

    • Analyze and integrate knowledge to effectively solve problems or answer questions

Bachelor of Professional Studies students must meet the following degree requirements:

  • CORE 39 - This is the newest version of the Core Curriculum adopted for students admitted or readmitted Fall 2014 or after. Students must choose the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science pathway through the CORE 39.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.00/4.00.
  • Minimum of 30 credit hours completed at USI.
  • Minimum of 39 credit hours from courses listed at the 300-400 level.
  • Minimum of 120 total credit hours.

BPS Program Curriculum

The Bachelor of Professional Studies program is offered to adult learners with prior college experience, technical training and/or military experience who wish to complete a bachelor's degree that can enhance their career opportunities. 

Before you begin, we'll analyze your previous college credits, professional training, military service and other educational experience. We'll help you devise a personalized degree plan, progressing you toward the Professional Studies degree track that best fits your career goals. All BPS degree options are individualized programs and specific degree requirements for each should be discussed with the academic advisor. 

Applied Studies Major

The Applied Studies Major must complete 33 hours of coursework, including the 21 hours in the BPS Applied Studies Core and an additional 12 hours from one of six concentrations. 

The BPS Core includes the following three (3) credit hour courses:

  • BCOM 231 - Business Communication  
  • BCOM 331 - Corporate & Managerial Communication OR CMST 318 - Conflict Resolution 
  • POLS 351 - Leadership in Bureaucratic Organizations US
  • PRFS 301 - The Ethics of Global Engagement
  • PRFS 401 - Teams, Diversity, & Leadership
  • PRFS 490 - Professional Studies Internship
  • PRFS 498 - Personal & Professional Development

For the adult learner working in law enforcement or criminal justice careers in probation or corrections, etc.

The remaining 12 hours of Criminal Justice (CRIM) courses are listed below.

  • CRIM 234 - Introductions to Corrections
  • CRIM 244 - Police & Society
  • CRIM 301 - Criminal Justice Administration
  • CRIM 315 - Crime Control Strategies

Some requirements may be substituted with directed electives approved by the BPS Program Advisor.

For the adult learner working in information technology, database management, software or programming careers.

The remaining 12 hours of Computer Information Systems (CIS) courses are listed below.

  • CIS 367 - Data Communications*
  • CIS 345 - Information Security and Risk Management
  • CIS 346 - Cybersecurity Assessment and Network Defense
  • CIS 349 - Special Topics in Cybersecurity

Some requirements may be substituted with directed electives approved by the BPS Program Advisor.

*CIS 201 - Business Processes and Information Systems is a pre-requisite for 300-400 level CIS courses.

For the adult learner working in a preschool or child care setting.

The remaining 12 hours of Education (EDUC) courses are listed below. 

Please note: This program does not lead to licensure as a teacher. Please work with the USI Teacher Education Department to pursue teacher licensure. 

  • EDUC 241 - Early Childhood Education
  • EDUC 255 - Growth & Development of Infants and Toddlers
  • EDUC 344 - Family, Schools & Community Partnerships
  • EDUC 437 - Classroom Mngt-Data Based Decisions

*Some requirements may be substituted with directed electives approved by the BPS Program Advisor.

For the adult learner working in a healthcare setting and aspiring to career opportunities in management and leadership.

The remaining 12 hours in health services subjects are listed below.

  • HP 211 - The Healthcare Delivery Systems and Healthcare Policy
  • PH 284 - Public Health
  • HP 498 - Current Concepts in the Health Professions
  • HP 377 - Foundations for Health Promotion

*Some requirements may be substituted with directed electives approved by the BPS Program Advisor.

For the adult learner working in business and industry and interested in expanding opportunities for leadership.

The remaining 12 hours of Communications Studies (CMST) courses are listed below.

  • CMST 314 - Organizational Communication
  • CMST 318 - Conflict, Mediation & Negotiation
  • CMST 321 - Communication & Workplace Relationships
  • CMST 323 - Communicating to Manage and Lead

*Some requirements may be substituted with directed electives approved by the BPS Program Advisor.

For the adult learner working in a human service agency, non-profit organization, or government agency and aspires to increased abilities to drive public policy, advocacy, and organizational effectiveness.

The remaining 6 hours in Political Science (POLS) and 6 hours in English (ENG) courses are listed below.

  • POLS 104 - Introduction to Public Administration
  • ENG 210 - Technical Writing
  • ENG 319 - Fundamentals of Grant Writing
  • POLS 363 - Public Organizational Behavior 

*Some requirements may be substituted with directed electives approved by the BPS Program Advisor.

Individual Studies Major

For the student with unique educational and career goals and the desire to complete a customized plan of study.

This major requires 9 hours of courses in Professional Studies (PRFS), including:

  • PRFS 301
  • PRFS 401
  • PRFS 498

The Individual Studies major allows BPS students to develop a course of studies that meets unique educational and career goals. Students who choose this major work with the program advisor to create a list of USI courses that fulfills these goals and meets all remaining graduation requirements. This proposed plan of study is reviewed by the BPS program advisor for approval.

Earn Your Degree on Your Time

The Bachelor of Professional Studies has six starts each year, meaning you don't have to wait to start your journey towards completing your degree. 

Course Start Application Deadline Registration Deadline
06/24/24 06/17/24 06/21/24
08/19/24 08/12/24 08/16/24
10/21/24 10/14/24 10/18/24

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