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Exploring The Past, Understanding The Present, Defining The Future

History offers original and indispensable ways of looking at human experience because it distinguishes and evaluates continuity amid the forces of change. By means of historical inquiry, the modern world is seen as shaped by the past.

History enriches the mind by enabling it to compare present and past events, ideas and movements. As a humanistic discipline, history considers beliefs and values, individual personalities, religions, philosophies, literature and the fine arts. As a social science, history endeavors to discern patterns over time by examining the development of groups and institutions, politics and economics, wars and the balance of power. History offers a public reservoir from which students can draw knowledge, wisdom and personal strength.

As a discipline, history educates all students for citizenship and for a variety of careers. History majors and minors are prepared to pursue graduate and professional programs in history and related fields. In addition to teaching, they find careers in diverse areas that include law, public administration, library science, museum and historic site management, business, medicine and the ministry.



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