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Political Science

Political science majors are some of the most articulate and dynamic students at USI. They acquire experience in campaign, legislative and nonprofit internships. Our graduates have taken jobs at all levels of government and in politics, law, business, nonprofit sector, education, and media. The skills acquired during the program will prepare you to be a positive force for change in our society no matter your chosen career path.

The political science major offers two concentrations of study: Government, Law and Diplomacy (GLAD) and Public and Nonprofit Administration (PNPA). Each student will select a concentration. A student may earn a second concentration by adding a minimum of 12 unique hours not previously applied to the major/concentration. The program offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree options.

Choose a major concentration:

Government, Law and Diplomacy   Public and Nonprofit Administration  


Philosophy majors are some of the best regarding analytical, critical thinking, verbal, and quantitative reasoning skills. The courses in the philosophy major teach students to think logically, critically, and ethically. Philosophy majors are appreciated on the job market for their portable skills and occupy top positions in business and government. Their higher than average scores on standardized tests like LSAT, GMAT and GRE facilitates excellent admission to law school and graduate schools. Philosophy majors pursue a variety of careers, such as law, health professions, local, state, and federal government, business, and science.

Students pursue a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree. The latter, requiring 12 hours of a non-English modern or classical language, is preferable for those interested in more advanced degrees.

Philosophy Major

Master of Public Administration

For those wishing to pursue graduate-level education, the department also offers a 100% online Master of Public Administration, which you can complete in 2 years.

Master of Public Administration

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Political Science student’s D.C. internship with Congressman Mast

Tommy Kautzman — current political science major and public relations minor at USI — may not yet know the trajectory of his future career in politics, but that does not stop him from seizing every opportunity possible to advance his knowledge and experience in his field. Kautzman completed a Digital Communications Internship for the Office of Congressman Brian Mast in Washington, DC.