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Mission of the CIS Program

The mission of the Computer Information Systems (CIS) Program is to prepare students to identify and analyze business opportunities, effectively utilize information technology in business process management, and provide the operational and strategic IT solutions needed by organizations.

Program Objectives:
  1. To introduce students to relevant business information technologies, team work, and decision making necessary for the integration of business processes using information technology.
  2. To provide students with understanding of the strategic use of IT.
  3. To prepare students to use the systems development life cycle along with its tools, techniques, methodologies, and processes, to develop computer-based information systems that meet the needs of businesses and organizations.
  4. To equip students with the ability to analyze the motivations, architectures, and implementation of IT security policy technologies and practices.
  5. To provide students with web development and object-oriented programming skills to use in the development of solutions in business.
  6. To provide students with database skills used to perform data analysis, design, implementation, and administration.
  7. To equip students with a thorough understanding of the existing use of data communications networks and future developments in this area.
  8. To prepare students for the development of computer-based systems projects from the point of request through analysis, design, development, documentation, testing, and implementation.
Student Outcomes (Competencies):
  1. Ability to use computer-based information systems and technologies to solve business problems.
  2. Ability to critically analyze business scenarios and make recommendations regarding the strategic use of IT.
  3. Ability to demonstrate competency in using tools, techniques, methodologies, and practices of various forms of the systems development life cycle.
  4. Identify risks associated with the security of organizational data and recommend tools/techniques for mitigation of such risks.
  5. Develop and execute a plan for implementing a Web-based business application.
  6. Articulate the appropriate use, structure, and application of various database designs, as well as the use of SQL and advanced SQL techniques for constructing, maintaining, and modifying databases.
  7. Compare and contrast hardware and software that make networks more efficient and effective.
  8. Team-based completion of a computer-based systems project from the point of request through project management, analysis, design, development, documentation, testing, and implementation
Program Performance Criteria

Objective 1:  assignments, labs, quizzes, exams, in-class exercises, Major Field Test, SIM game performance and presentation
Objective 2:  case analysis (written and oral), exams, Major Field Test
Objective 3:  case analysis (written and oral), exams, Major Field Test
Objective 4:  labs, exercises, projects, exams, senior project, Major Field Test
Objective 5:  exercises, projects, exams, Major Field Test
Objective 6:  labs, assignments, exams
Objective 7:  labs, assignments, exams, cases, projects,
Objective 8:  senior project

Chart of objectives