University of Southern Indiana
Romain College of Business

Board of Advisors

The Romain College of Business Board of Advisors is composed of senior business leaders who are acquainted with the needs of the community and of commerce and have a strong interest in establishing and maintaining direct and effective communication between the business world and the business classroom.


  1. To provide a channel of communication between the Romain College of Business and the business community.

  2. To participate with and provide counsel to the Romain College of Business regarding objectives, strategies, goals, problems, and opportunities.

  3. To advise the College in determining the direction of its instructional and non-instructional programs.

  4. To promote and participate in appropriate business-faculty-student interaction activities and programs.

  5. To identify speakers from the business community for various College presentations.

  6. To assist with the placement of graduates.

  7. To support the College in the development of various forms of financial resources.

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