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Written by Evan Dekker, Graduate Assistant with the Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program

I am currently studying to complete my Master of Business Administration with a Healthcare Administration focus.  I chose this subject because I had a desire to further my knowledge in the field and develop a skillset tailored to the ever-changing healthcare landscape. 

My role at the Bronstein Center includes supporting three of the eight Dementia Friendly communities we engage with, collecting and reporting on data for initiatives aligned with the Geriatric Workplace Enhancement Program, and serving various projects falling under the grant. 

I utilize what I learned from multiple classes, such as Strategic Management and Leadership and Quality Improvements in Healthcare, to help support and coordinate the community groups I am involved with weekly/monthly. Having a background away from healthcare has also allowed me to engage with different members within the Bronstein Center in a variety of different ways 

The experiences and knowledge that I have gained from working for the Bronstein Center help me in so many aspects of my life. I foresee the project management and data collection skillset I have developed benefiting in future careers may that be in business management or healthcare administration. Certain interpersonal skills, being able to speak to different populations effectively, and the ability to present large quantities of information efficiently have been key focus areas of mine. I feel blessed to have worked in such an environment. 

I would like to utilize what I have learned in my future career by implementing the Bronstein Center’s focuses on team cohesion, interdisciplinary work and a broad spectrum of personnel. I have hopes of working within consulting, healthcare management, or venturing out into my own private work. I would like to sincerely thank the Bronstein Center and all the committed individuals that I was able to work alongside for all their generosity and mentorship. It is truly an experience I would recommend and will think back on fondly.