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Computer Matching Process for Dietetic Internships Information

Students who complete the requirements for the dietetics program at USI are able to apply and participate in a competitive computer matching process for dietetic internships offered throughout the United States.  

Dietetic Internship Match Information

For more information about nationwide internship availability, the computer matching process, the November 2021 Computer Matching Calendar, deadline and appointment dates, and a video about the online DICAS application process for computer matching, visit .

List of Internships

A list of dietetic internships and their accreditation status can be found at: 

For additional information that may help you to make your selection of dietetic internships for computer matching can be found in the Applicant Guide to Supervised Practice on the computers in the Learning Resource Center in the Health Professions building on the second floor.  Please ask at the desk for assistance.

Also, is a website created by a dietitian to help dietetic students organize and personalize their search for narrowing their dietetic internship applications.


The deadline dates and appointment dates for computer matching Dietetic Internship appointments have been established in conjunction with D&D Digital at If you need assistance with computer matching, please contact D&D Digital customer support at 515/292-0490 or


Most internships use an online application process. If you have questions about the centralized application process, please contact DICAS customer support at 617/612-2855 or

DICAS Transcript Department
PO Box 9118
Watertown, Massachusetts 02472


A list of DPD professional and science courses can be found by clicking on this link:

DPD Courses 

DPD COURSE LIST - Word Document 


For help with computing your DPD professional and science courses GPAs click this link:

DPD Professional and Science Courses GPA Calculator

Dietetic Internship acceptance is a very competitive process.  If you are considering applying to a dietetic internship, here are some suggestions to help you to stand out: 

Having work, volunteer, and job shadowing experiences and involvement in your local dietetic association can increase your chances of internship acceptance. To find a dietitian with whom you might be able to shadow for experience see, contact your local dietetic association at, and/or contact Dr. Julie McCullough at for opportunities in the local Evansville area.

Contact Dr. Julie McCullough


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