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Moor AlameerNoor Alameer, a 2024 Diagnostic Medical Sonography graduate from Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia, has received USI's Outstanding International Graduate Award. "I would recommend USI to any international student because it is always a welcoming place. The people here are all very nice and are willing to help–instructors or students," she says. "I always felt welcome to ask, inquire or discuss anything. I cannot count how many things make USI just the most pleasant experience you could ever imagine. It's truly a unique place!"

Q&A with Noor

How does it feel to receive this award? I am truly honored to be selected. I greatly appreciate this recognition and thank all those who stood behind it. Also, I would also like to thank Dr. Emilija Zlatkovska for leading the international graduation celebration. I am grateful that I have had my studies at USI with such great professors and such an excellent program. I really think that this stage of life has improved me as a person, and my skills were sharpened. I think this is all because my instructors were so patient with me and guided me throughout these years of studies.

What led you to pursue a career in sonography? At first, I was studying biomedical engineering in Saudi Arabia, and I found myself not really interested in it as a major. I discussed this with my husband, Mohammed Almuslem, and he encouraged me to go to USI. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Health Services Administration from USI in 2016. He always said, “USI is an outstanding school, especially the College of Nursing and Health Professions.” Fortunately, from among thousands of students, I was selected to receive a full scholarship from the Ministry of Education to study abroad. After a lot of discussion, I decided to pursue something I truly love. I always wanted to work in a hospital setting and help patients, but wasn't sure which major to choose. After extensive research, I discovered that ultrasound technology fascinated me. I am passionate about working with an advanced technology that is rapidly evolving.

Are there any campus activities you were involved in as a USI student? During my time at USI, I participated in a student panel for Health Professionals Day, where I represented my major, Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS). It was a rewarding experience to share and discuss my field of study.

What is a favorite memory or experience you had while in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program? My most pleasant experience in the DMS program was my last Echo ultrasound clinical rotation, which was at Deaconess Hospital in Henderson, Kentucky. I thoroughly enjoyed working there and felt like a valued member of the team, collaborating confidently with sonographers, nurses and cardiologists. It was truly fulfilling, and I'm grateful for such a positive experience.

Now that you have graduated, what are your plans? I plan to go back home to Saudi Arabia and apply for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties license by taking the ultrasound exam. Following that, I'll search for a job as a cardiac or general sonographer. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me throughout this incredible journey.