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Students in IEP

The IEP hosts a wide range of international students. Our largest population comes from the Middle East and Latin America, but we also have students from Asia, Europe, and other places. You are all welcome!

Please refer to the student information and resources below to learn more about our IEP program and university regulations and policies.

Student Handbook

Student Life and Services

Access to the following facilities and services:

  • the physical activities room where they can also check out the sports equipment and rent bikes to ride on the university trail
  • the main library where they can check out books and reserve space for studying
  • housing and meal plans, or apartment housing with a shared kitchen
  • transportation and parking
  • pick up from the airport when they first arrive
  • visa and immigration advising
  • orientation to campus and classes the first week upon their arrival

Health Services:

  • counseling services at the Counseling Center
  • health services at the Health Center on campus
  • the university offers student insurance which is mandatory for all international students, but is also accepting other insurances if it satisfies the criteria and if provided by a student’s scholarship


  • one-on-one tutoring with native speakers who volunteer to work with international students and help them with their communication
  • conversation circles for group discussions
  • pronunciation workshops
  • Tutoring center and academic help with all content classes once they graduate from the IEP
  • once students complete the IEP, the international students have an academic adviser assigned to them who will advise them about their career path in the university

Social activities:

  • iClub (international student club) which organizes many social activities across the year: food fairs, travel, celebrations and friendship
  • USI Friendship Family Program
  • Global engagement volunteer program
  • End of the semester celebrations and recognition
  • Field trips to locations off campus for cultural experience such as Fall Festival, New Harmony summer festival, Evansville Museum, 4th of July fireworks, Toyota factory visit, hayrides, picnics, bonfires, etc.
  • Other activities organized through the CIPUSI REC and Outdoor Adventures, and IEP offices

    IEP follows USI’s Domestic Field Trip Policy see - Domestic Field Trips - University of Southern Indiana ( In addition to the university policy, and for supervision purposes, one (1) IEP staff member to every 10 IEP students will chaperone the field trip.