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Psychology Internship Partners

The Evansville area has plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in internship opportunities. We have had psychology majors work within a variety of contexts, including but not limited to domestic violence shelters, neurodevelopmental centers, correctional facilities, assisted living facilities, schools, research groups, counseling centers, addiction clinics, educational technology centers, housing programs, and youth groups.

We do our best to match student interest with community need, whether the interest is in a particular field (e.g. addiction, advocacy, counseling) or population (e.g. older adults, children, LGBTQA+ individuals, formerly incarcerated individuals).

Already have a place in mind that isn't on this list? Bring information about the organization or business to your meeting with Dr. Steltenpohl and she'd be happy to work with that.

Some students are not in the Evansville area when they wish to complete their internship (e.g. over the summer months). We can work with this with enough advance notice. If you are considering completing an internship while not living in the Evansville area, contact Dr. Steltenpohl as soon as possible so we can work with you.

Community Organizations

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