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Step 1. Submit the required documentation.
  • Submit all required documentation one month prior to the start of each term. For a full list of required documents, please visit the School of Graduate Studies website.
  • If you begin the program with the General MBA concentration, you will complete courses required for the General MBA unless you declare a specific concentration.
    • To declare a concentration after admission, please complete the Change of Graduate Program Form
      • Current Bulletin Term = the term you began the program
      • New Bulletin Term and Effective Term = the current term
    • Once processed, your updated concentration(s) can be viewed in DegreeWorks via the graduation cap icon in your myUSI account.
Step 2. Activate your myUSI account.
  • Once you are accepted to USI, you will receive an acceptance letter via email and/or postal mail. You may then activate your account in myUSI with your student ID, which is located in the bottom corner of your acceptance letter. MyUSI is a web portal providing access to many USI services with one login. It allows students to access their grades, transcripts, email, Blackboard, view/pay bills, change their address, and much more. If you have any trouble accessing your myUSI account, please contact the IT Help Desk by phone at 812-465-1080.
Step 3. Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
Step 4. Access your USI Eagles Email.
  • Each USI student is given an Eagles email address. This is the email address that USI will use to communicate with you, and you will use it to communicate with professors, classmates, and your advisor.
  • Access your Eagles email account by logging in to myUSI and clicking on the Eagles email icon. For more information about USI's email system please visit the USI email page.
Step 5. Register for Courses.
  • You can register for courses through Self Service in myUSI.
    • Click "Self-Service", then click "Student", and then click "Registration."
    • You can check your registration status, class schedule, and add or drop classes here. 
    • For helpful step-by-step instructions for registering for courses, please visit Graduate Student Registration.
  • Traditional/Hybrid Students taking the "In-Class & Online" format need to self-enroll in all courses. If taking the online sections, be sure to register for the courses with the DE campus.
  • Accelerated Online Only Students are automatically registered for one course upon acceptance to the program and then must register for all subsequent courses. Accelerated Online Only Students who have been readmitted to the program need to self-enroll in all courses. Be sure to register for the courses with the AO campus.
  • Students may register for up to 12 credit hours per semester (6 credit hours per term).
  • When registering for courses, please look for the subject of the course. For example, if you are looking for ACCT 601, you will want to search for Accounting in the Subject box and then enter 601 in the course number box. Do not search for courses by Master of Business Administration unless the course code is MBA. The subject names you will search for are:
    • Accounting (ACCT)
    • Business Analytics (BAN)
    • Business Law (BLAW)
    • Computer Information Systems (CIS)
    • Economics (ECON)
    • Finance (FIN)
    • Industrial Management (IM)
    • Management (MNGT)
    • Marketing (MKTG)
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • For accelerated (8-week) courses, students can expect to devote 10-20 hours per week per course.
  • Fall and Spring semesters are not separated into official terms. You will select Fall or Spring from the dropdown menu when registering for these terms.
  • Please use our MBA Long-Term Schedule as well as the Academic Calendar for 16-week In-Person Courses and Accelerated Calendar for 8-week Online Courses to plan your degree program. Please prioritize concentration courses over core courses as these are offered less frequently than core courses. All courses in the MBA program can be taken in any sequence you choose.
  • Books and Materials: You can find the required books through the Campus Store. Other downloadable materials may be available in BlackBoard.
  • Registration for MBA classes closes at 4:30 pm Central time the Friday before the class starts. If a class is full (no seats available), please contact
  • Refund, drop, and grading deadlines are based on the length of the course.  
    • Refunds for Traditional/Hybrid Students: Those taking the "In-Class & Online" format who drop a course by the second day of the course at 4:30 pm Central time will receive a 100% refund, with partial refunds thereafter according to the Registrar's Office Refund Schedule.
    • Refunds for Accelerated Online Students: Those taking the "Accelerated Online" format who drop an accelerated online course by the Friday after a course begins at 4:30 pm Central time will receive a 100% refund, with no refunds thereafter. 

Academic Bulletin - Be sure to select the Graduate Bulletin from the drop-down menu (upper right)

How to use the Course Schedule Planner

MBA Long-Term Schedule

Planning Your Degree Program Instructions

Step 6. Be mindful of important dates.

Step 7. Prepare for Online Learning.

Please review the Online Learning Resources to prepare for your coursework.

Step 8. Access your course in Blackboard.

  • Access all course materials and activities in Blackboard Learn, a course management system used by USI faculty and students. You can enter the system by clicking on the Blackboard icon in myUSI. To get started, visit the Blackboard Student Tutorial. Please note that classes do not populate in Blackboard until on or just before the first day of class.

Step 9. Apply for Graduation

  • All students are required to apply for graduation.
  • USI conducts two graduation ceremonies per year. A Spring ceremony is held in May for students who complete their MBA program in Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, or Summer 2. A Fall ceremony is held in December for students who complete their MBA program in Fall 1 or Fall 2.
  • The USI Registrar's Office will email students with information on how to apply for graduation, along with the graduation application deadline.

Step 10. Monitor your progress in DegreeWorks.

  • DegreeWorks is a web-based tool to help students monitor progress toward degree completion.
  • You can access DegreeWorks by clicking on the graduation cap icon in myUSI. 
  • Courses that you have registered for, completed, or are in progress can be viewed here, along with your grades for each and your overall GPA in the program.
  • Once all required courses have been completed and graduation requirements have been met, degrees are conferred by the USI Registrar's Office.

Additional Questions?

Questions about the MBA Program:


Questions about Enrollment and Graduation:

Registrar's Office

800-467-1965 (#3)

Questions about Tuition Payment:

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