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USI offers an Administrator-in-Training (AIT) residency for undergraduate students and an Administrator-in-Training (AIT) Graduate Certificate option for graduate students in the Master of Health Administration Program for those interested in applying for a nursing home administrator license. Students who successfully complete the AIT residency or Graduate Certificate are eligible to sit for the national Nursing Home Administrator board exam and the State of Indiana Health Facility Administrator licensure exam. Completion of this certificate involves nine credit hours of coursework, including hands-on experience of 1,040 hours of AIT residency in a longterm care facility in conjunction with USI faculty-led licensure examination preparation. The students will be applying and demonstrating learned knowledge to actual post-acute care situations in the healthcare industry with AIT Preceptor guidance. The areas of foci include: •Management, Governance and Leadership •Human Resources •Finance/Business •Environment •Patient/Resident Care For more information, contact Karla Diekemper, Instructor in Gerontology, at .