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Our first-ever online exhibit was officially revealed on April 13, 2020.

Art Show postcard designed by Maddyson Lewton

Visit the gallery to enjoy the 50th Annual Student Art Show.

Student Art Show Gallery

Award Ceremony

Instead of an in-person ceremony, the Art and Design department has created a video compilation of faculty announcing the award winners.

We had the pleasure of bestowing 26 awards to our students for the 50th Annual Student Art Show. Please watch the video ceremony below to find out who won. Thank you to all of our generous donors who made this possible!

About the Juror

This year’s Juror is Jon Goebel, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Art at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Goebel received his MFA in Printmaking from Texas Tech University in 2003 and his BS in Art from the University of Southern Indiana in 2000. You can listen to Goebel talk about his work and journey in a video from his artist talk that took place in February 2020 at ARTSPACE in Oklahoma City, OK.

Ninety students submitted 277 entries for the exhibition and Goebel chose 84 pieces by 55 artists to be included in the show.

Juror's Statement

Artists selected for inclusion in the exhibition 
  • Baylie Armstrong
  • Jordan Auker
  • Megan Baggett
  • Allie Boyd
  • Olivia Boze
  • Meleah Brock
  • Zachary Brown
  • Precious Burdette
  • Courtney Burke
  • Cole Collier
  • Emily Davis
  • Lisa Dayvolt
  • Austin Delano
  • Samuel DeVoy
  • Katherine Drake
  • Bridget Eckerle
  • Spence Farmer
  • Izzy Ferraro
  • Madison Genet
  • Emma Goodrich
  • Alexis Haag
  • Jonathan Hamilton
  • Sky Hartig
  • Jade Hatcher
  • Jody Henke
  • Ally Hinton
  • Cody Hostetler
  • Juanita Johnson
  • Hannah Jones
  • Anna Kauk
  • Noah Kress-Jones
  • Casey Lehman
  • Katie Lewis
  • Maddyson Lewton
  • Faith Long
  • Katherine Mathews
  • Viktoriia Mayatska
  • Casey McDaniel
  • Olivia Miller
  • Ashly Morris
  • Kameron Nosko
  • Kayla Powell
  • Gabrielle Pyle
  • Kim Rocca
  • Lisa Ryan-Hutton
  • Anna Saylor
  • Justine Schopmeyer
  • Ashley Seyffarth
  • Alyssa Smith
  • ReOnna Smith
  • Olivia Supper
  • Ally Thomas
  • Kayne Witham
  • Grace Wolfinger
  • Chris York

About the Juried Student Art Show at the University of Southern Indiana

The Juried Student Art Show has been a staple at USI for decades. Once each year since 1970, we have had the honor of showcasing the skill and creativity of our own art and design students.

Since the Fall semester of 2008, we have held the show within the walls of our unique, on-campus space: the McCutchan Art Center and Pace Galleries. Hosting the student art show in this professional setting gives students real-world, résumé-building experience in preparing and displaying their work while also boosting their confidence in applying to future gallery exhibitions.

Each student may enter up to 4 works in any combination of media. The works are chosen for the final exhibition by an expert in the field of art, invited by the Art and Design faculty for his/her expertise and understanding of undergraduate artworks. This independent juror is brought in to assure an objective selection of artworks and awards, and to provide an educational experience for students in preparation for professional careers in art. The jurying of the show is also an important aspect of this tradition because it creates a competition

USI Student Art Show Postcard Collection

Another great aspect of our student art show tradition is the creation of the art show promotional materials. A competition is held amongst the art and design students to create a poster and postcard to promote the show. To the right, you can take a look at our gallery of art show cards from yesteryears.