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The Juried Student Art Show has been a staple at USI for decades. Once each year since 1970, we have had the honor of showcasing the skill and creativity of our own art and design students.

Since the Fall semester of 2008, we have held the show within the walls of our unique, on-campus space: the McCutchan Art Center and Pace Galleries. Hosting the student art show in this professional setting gives students real-world, résumé-building experience in preparing and displaying their work while also boosting their confidence in applying to future gallery exhibitions.

Each student may enter up to 4 works in any combination of media. The works are chosen for the final exhibition by an expert in the field of art, invited by the Art and Design faculty for his/her expertise and understanding of undergraduate artworks. This independent juror is brought in to assure an objective selection of artworks and awards, and to provide an educational experience for students in preparation for professional careers in art. The jurying of the show is also an important aspect of this tradition because it creates a competition for the limited gallery space⏤students must put forth their best work which, in turn, raises the quality of the show overall.

About the Juror

This year’s Juror is Anne Galperin. She directs the Graphic Design BFA program at the State University of New York, New Paltz and is an Associate Professor in the Art Department, teaching courses in design theory and criticism, and research methods. She earned a BSc. in Human Development and Social Policy with Honors from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois and an MFA in 2D design from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. A decade of educational book writing and general editing preceded her MFA. Her early career focused on print design, and she is the recipient of two merit awards from Bookbuilders West and a Print Magazine Regional Design Award.

In her current scholarship she continues to work with content and interface and has pivoted to include the wearable and domestic environment. Recent shows include the SUNY Design Invitational (at SUNY Brockport and SUNY Cortland) and Collective Consciousness at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz. Her interview-based essay about Betti Broadwater Haft will be published Fall 2021 in Princeton University Press’s Baseline Shift edited by Briar Levitt. She is currently working on a book project mapping the development of functional wearables. The juror will give a public lecture and will be asked to include comments on the exhibition at that time.

Anne Galperin smiling.

Artists selected for inclusion in the exhibition are:
  • Alicja Ackermann
  • Lydia Aleman
  • Sarah Alhasawi
  • Cameron Anderson
  • Brianna Beard
  • Candice Beck
  • Rich Bennett
  • Payton Broshears
  • Madelyn Buehn
  • Hope Burdette
  • Rakel Campbell
  • Lily Cano
  • Kalyn Craig
  • Cole Collier
  • Em Davis
  • Austin Delano
  • Lani Dillard
  • Grace Estel
  • Kassitit Fink
  • Alexis Haag
  • Claire Hays
  • Jody Henke
  • Hannah Jones
  • Rachel Kercher
  • Noah Kress-Jones
  • Nicole Kobylanski
  • Leah Lancaster
  • Katie Lewis
  • Faith Long
  • Katherine Matthews
  • Viktoriia Mayatska
  • Gabrielle McCarty
  • Casey McDaniel
  • Chey Miller
  • Olivia Miller
  • Ashley Morris
  • Carli Murkve
  • Mollie Myers
  • Bree Neeley
  • Elizabeth Neeley
  • Jessica Nicken
  • Abigail Owens
  • Jenna Pajdo
  • Kelsea Parker
  • Conner Perry
  • Stephanie Parker
  • Rylie Rinehart
  • Lisa Ryan-Hutton
  • Anna Saylor
  • William Schmitt
  • Justine Schopmeyer
  • Jessica Shearer
  • Brandon Skidmore
  • Kiersten Slocum
  • Alyssa Smith
  • Heather Sowles
  • Faith Spahr-Munoz
  • Kaitlyn Statz
  • Alyssa Theriac
  • Ally Thomas
  • Violet Thomas-Cummings
  • Elizabeth Vanada
  • Valen Vennard
  • Kayla Wall
  • Max Walter
  • Jacob Wedding
  • Alex York

Award Amount Artist Title

Best of Show

Gift of: Tim Mahoney

$750 Candice Beck Rebirth

Second Place Overall

Gift of: Patty Beagle M'05, Edward F. & June Frederking, Chester A. Geiselman '84, John V. & Konnie Schlechte

$600 William Schmidt Amateur Hours

Third Place Overall

Gift of: Jenna Rueger Citrus '15

$500 Courtney Gardner Warmth
Award Amount Artist Title

Senior Merit Award

Gift of: Alexander M. '13 & Kristina F. '13 Arwood

$200 Emerald Greene Rat Caffeine + Adventure Awaits

Junior Merit Award

Gift of: Kyle N. & Jessica McDaniel ’05 Bryant, Izzy Ferraro ’19

$200 Cole Collier Jarra de Tierra

Sophomore Merit Award

Gift of: Chuck & Julie '97 Armstrong, Matthew R. Graham & Kathryn M. Waters, David & Jane A. '89 Vickers

$200 Kaitlyn Statz Forest Music + Unproportioned Memories

Freshman Merit Award

Gift of: Mary S. & David A. Bower, Alan N. & Susan Shovers

$200 Violet Thomas-Cummings Daydreaming + The Inner Buzz + Snick

Postgraduate Merit Award

Gift of: Joseph C. & Connie D. McConaughy, Brett R. & Erika C. Anderson

$150 Hannah Jones Water Always Meets In Its Lives and So Do We
Award Amount Artist Title

Sophomore/Junior Ceramics Scholarship

Gift of: Andrea M. Hoelscher, Larry & Hazelann Hutchison, Shannon Pritchard, Roberta A. Schweizer, Scott S. '17 & Madeline R. '17 Sherwood

$500 Alyssa Smith The Doctor Is In + Weight in Gold

Virginia Thomas Memorial Design Scholarship

Gift of: Daniel C. Mason '95 & John Nordgauer

$500 Alex York Invasive Species + Type Specimen Book

Sophomore/Junior Scholarship

Gift of: Linda Willis

$500 Rachel Kercher Hand Holding Spoon + Self Portrait

Junior Scholarship

Gift of: Linda Willis

$500 Alyssa Theriac Portrait #3 + Paint Can? + Digital Love

Sophomore Scholarship

Gift of: Michael M. Finkelstein '03

$500 Hope Burdette Distinguished Characters + Ewha Station

Award Amount Artist Title

Branding Merit Award

Gift of: Alexander M. '13 & Kristina F. '13 Arwood, Thomas A. & Joanne Scott '84 Massey

$150 Alicja Ackermann Himalaya Resort Stationary

Publication, Poster, or Informational Graphics Design Merit Award

Gift of: Izzy Ferraro ’19, Rebecca Lutton, Tom & Lynda Wilhelmus

$150 Jacob Wedding Type Specimen Book

Illustration Merit Award

Gift of: Charles T. Barber & Carolyn L. Roth

$150 Railey Gray The Ross

Interactive Media Merit Award

Gift of: Michael R. Deicken '76, Brian W. Price '93 & Stephanie D. Purcell, The Estate of Betty F. Rice

$150 Elizabeth Neely Neely Recipes

Graphic Design Merit Award

Gift of: Shaobai Gao & Xinran Hu

$150 Rakel Campbell Design Culture Now Poster

2D Studio: Printmaking Merit Award

Gift of: Joseph C. & Connie D. McConaughy

$150 Cheyenne Miller Undercurrents of Grief

2D Studio: Painting Merit Award

Gift of: Matthew R. Graham & Kathryn M. Waters

$150 Peyton Broshears Dear Macy, Your Nose is F*cking Normal

2D Studio: Drawing Merit Award

Gift of:  Joseph C. & Connie D. McConaughy

$150 Kiersten Slocum Get By + Overwhelmed

2D Studio: Photography Merit Award

Gift of: Jennifer L. Porter-Kieffer '06, Laurel Vaughn

$150 Bree Neely Disco Fever

3D Studio: Dee Millard Award in Woodworking

Gift of: Robert Millard-Mendez & Nancy E. Raen-Mendez, Gregory J. Blair & Sara A. Christensen Blair

$250 Ally Hinton A Dance with Poison Ivy

3D Studio: Woodworking Merit Award

Gift of: Ron Weatherford, Anonymous Friend

$150 Casey McDaniel Ambrosia Table

3D Studio: Sculpture Merit Award

Gift of: Janet Mills, Joseph & Joy C. M'18 Uduehi

$150 Faith Long Respite

3D Studio: Ceramics Merit Award

Gift of: Paul W. Benshoof & Alisa I. Holen, Neal & Jef Franklin

$150 Gabrielle McCarty Inescapable #metoo

Award Amount Artist Title

Art Club Member Award

Gift of: USI Art Club

$250 Justine Schopmeyer Not Your Housewife + Twisting Patience

Art Club Member Award

Gift of: USI Art Club

$250 Carli Murkve Daughter + Doghter + Fox & The Grapes Animatic

Art Club Member Award

Gift of: USI Art Club

$250 Viktoriia Mayatska "Качественное Bремя" (Quality Time)

Award Amount Artist Title

Purchase Award

Gift of: Gregory A. '78 & Ann E. Folz

$300 Kiersten Slocum Overwhelmed

Purchase Award

Gift of: Gregory A. '78 & Ann E. Folz, Elaine Thompson

$100 Emerald Greene Adventure Awaits

Purchase Award

Gift of: Corliss Chastain, Stephen W. Pfingston '75 & Linda Westfall, Daniel J. & Susan C. M'16 Sauls

$100 Kassiti Fink Colorful Me