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About the Annual Juried Student Art Show

The Juried Student Art Show has been a staple at USI for decades. Once each year since 1970, we have had the honor of showcasing the skill and creativity of our own art and design students.

Since the Fall semester of 2008, we have held the show within the walls of our unique, on-campus space: the McCutchan Art Center and Pace Galleries. Hosting the student art show in this professional setting gives students real-world, résumé-building experience in preparing and displaying their work while also boosting their confidence in applying to future gallery exhibitions.

Each student may enter up to 4 works in any combination of media. The works are chosen for the final exhibition by an expert in the field of art, invited by the Art and Design faculty for his/her expertise and understanding of undergraduate artworks. This independent juror is brought in to assure an objective selection of artworks and awards, and to provide an educational experience for students in preparation for professional careers in art. The jurying of the show is also an important aspect of this tradition because it creates a competition for the limited gallery space⏤students must put forth their best work which, in turn, raises the quality of the show overall.

About the Juror

Travis Townsend draws, builds, rebuilds, paints and tinkers upon wood and mixed media sculptures in his Lexington studio. His process-oriented works evolve from sketches and travel through many transformations before being cut apart, reassembled and reworked (sometimes many years later). Parts are often transplanted or recycled.

Travis studied at Kutztown University and Virginia Commonwealth University and has presented solo exhibitions at The Parachute Factory, Washington State University, Manifest Gallery, Doppler PDX, Southwest School of Art, Weston Gallery and the New Arts Program. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions and appeared in the publications New American Paintings, The Manifest International Drawing Annual, and The Penland Book of Woodworking.

He has been a resident artist at Penland School of Craft, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Vermont Studio Center, and Peters Valley School. His awards include an Emerging Artist grant from the American Craft Council, a fellowship from the Kentucky Arts Council, three sculpture grants from the Virginia A. Groot Foundation and recent travel grants from the Great Meadows Foundation.

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Artists selected for inclusion in the exhibition are:
  • Alicja Ackermann
  • Neil Ackerman
  • Johnathon Addis
  • Kayleigh Appell
  • Baylie Armstrong
  • Brianna Beard
  • Candice Beck
  • Delaney Bigler
  • Lia Botello
  • Ash Bourne
  • Ethan Brinkley
  • Payton Broshears
  • Madelyn Buehn
  • Hope Burdette
  • Dawna Camden
  • Jackson Cieslack
  • Cole Collier
  • Anna Corder
  • Sam DeVoy
  • Ethan Douglass
  • Emma Eaton
  • Spence Farmer
  • Paris Fithian
  • Courtney Gardner
  • Elizabeth Garland
  • Emily Geisler
  • Emma Goodrich
  • Kierra Graham
  • Railey Gray
  • Emerald Greene
  • Hunter Greenwell
  • Alyssa Harlow
  • Jade Hatcher
  • Claire Hays
  • Derek Helmer
  • Ryan Huck
  • Kara Jensen
  • Rachel Kercher
  • Claire Kifer
  • Nicole Kobylanski
  • Faith Long
  • Heather Marsee
  • Sydni Marshall
  • Gabrielle McCarty
  • Joshua Meredith
  • Amanda Meuth
  • Chey Miller
  • Mia Mitchell
  • Ashley Morris
  • Carli Murkve
  • Mollie Myers
  • Jenna Pajdo
  • Kelsea Parker
  • Conner Perry
  • Stephanie Porter
  • Bailey Roby
  • William Rodenburg
  • Al Sheets
  • Bralyn Shripka
  • Elizabeth Sinning
  • Brandon Skidmore
  • Alyssa Smith
  • Heather Sowles
  • Faith Spahr-Munoz
  • Kaitlyn Statz
  • Steven Steele
  • Violet Thomas-Cummings
  • Shelby Trotter
  • Elizabeth Vanada
  • Maliah White
  • Alex York
  • Jade Young

Award Amount Artist Title

Best of Show in memory of John McNaughton

Gift of: Joan DeJong

$1,000 Syndi Marshall Cartoon Cabinet

Second Place Overall

Gift of: Linda L. Willis

$600 Spence Farmer Schemata

Third Place Overall

Gift of: Tim Mahoney

$500 Neil Ackerman Exploitation Will Fight Back
Award Amount Artist Title

Senior Merit Award

Gift of: Gregory A. '78 & Ann E. Folz

$200 Payton Broshears Matrilineal Bling

Junior Merit Award

Gift of: Benny & Al Holen, Sara A. Christensen Blair

$200 Jade Young Groovy Mug

Sophomore Merit Award

Gift of: Alexander M. '13 & Kristina F. '13 Arwood, Shannon Pritchard

$200 Danielle Goebel Fired Up and Focused

Freshman Merit Award

Gift of: Izzy S. Ferraro ’19

$200 Alyssa Harlow Contained Clutter
Award Amount Artist Title

Sophomore Scholarship

Gift of: Mary S. & David A. Bower, Alan N. & Susan Shovers, George F. & Peggy M. Rapp, Anonymous Friend

$500 Claire Kifer Clair les étoiles

Junior Scholarship

Gift of: Stephen E. & Linda L. M. Bennett, John V. & Konnie Schlechte, Jordan Barclay ’06

$500 Paris Fithian Skeletons in My Attic

Sophomore/Junior Scholarship

Gift of: Michael M. Finkelstein '03, Jenna E. Citrus '15, Charles P. & Julie Y. '97 Armstrong

$500 Al Sheets Embrace

James A. Sanders Memorial Award

Gift of: Darla J. Olberding

$500 Alex York The Birth, Life, and Death of a House

Sophomore/Junior Ceramics Scholarship

Gift of: Michael M. Finkelstein '03, Patty Beagle M'05, William L. Presslor '81

$500 Dawna Camden Horsehair Vase
Award Amount Artist Title

Ceramics Merit Award

Gift of: Andrea M. Hoelscher

$150 Elizabeth Garland Cups on Stage

Drawing Merit Award

Gift of: Joseph C. & Connie D. McConaughy

$150 Paris Fithian St. Paris of Vincennes

Graphic Design Merit Award

Gift of: Charles T. Barber & Carolyn L. Roth

$150 Carli Murkve 10 Things to do with Your Dog

Illustration Merit Award

Gift of: Gregory A. '78 & Ann E. Folz, Alexander M. '13 & Kristina F. '13 Arwood

$150 Stephanie Porter He Could Have Been Someone Better

Interactive Media Merit Award

Gift of: Kyle N. Bryant & Jessica '05 McDaniel Bryant, Jennifer E. Niswonger-Morris '14

$150 Sam DeVoy Mycinoid Pop-Art

Painting Merit Award

Gift of: Matthew Graham & Katie Waters

$150 Payton Broshears #easybreezy

Photography Merit Award

Gift of: Edward F. & June Frederking

$150 Lizzy Vanada Two Became One

Printmaking Merit Award

Gift of: Brett R. & Erika C. Anderson, Thomas A. & Lynda M. Wilhelmus

$150 William Rodenberg Good Boy

Sculpture Merit Award

Gift of: Janet G. Mills, Roberta A. Schweizer

$150 R. Cole Collier Sounds of Approximation

Woodworking Merit Award

Gift of: John W. & Kathie '80 McNaughton

$150 Conner Perry Fractal Table

Dee Millard Award in Woodworking

Gift of: Robert Millard-Mendez & Nancy E. Raen-Mendez, John W. & Kathie '80 McNaughton

$250 Mollie Myers House Key

Publication, Poster, or Informational Graphics Design Merit Award

Gift of: Larry & Hazelann Hutchison, Patty Beagle M'05

$150 Alicja Ackermann While It Lasted Book Cover

Branding Merit Award

Gift of: Chester A. Geiselman '84, Stephen W. Pfingston '75 & Linda Westfall

$150 Maliah White MOO
Award Amount Artist Title

Art Club Member Award

Gift of: USI Art Club

$250 Brandon Skidmore Overlooked. Unappreciated. Spoon.

Art Club Member Award

Gift of: USI Art Club

$250 Emerald Greene Presidential Popsicle

Art Club Member Award

Gift of: USI Art Club

$250 Jade Young Heaven
Award Amount Artist Title

Purchase Award

Gift of: Tim Mahoney, Rebecca M. Lutton, Elaine K. Thompson 

$300 Dawna Camden Horsehair Vase

Purchase Award

Gift of: Linda L. Willis, Joseph C. & Connie D. McConaughy

$450 Cole Collier Sounds of Approximation

Purchase Award

Gift of: Laurel Vaughn, Corliss E. Chastain '78

$100 Spence Farmer Liminal Spaces

Purchase Award

Gift of: JAZ Industrial LLC

$250 Paris Fithian St. Paris of Vincennes