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Three colorful ceramic sculpures - two humanoids with animal heads and one blindfolded madonna-type humanoid

Lenny, Mitzi, and Co-Conspirators highlights the work of professor emeritus Lenny Dowhie, who is now the director of the New Harmony Clay Project. The majority of the galleries’ space is devoted to a retrospective collection of professor Dowhie ceramic work, including both functional and sculptural pieces from throughout his long career. 

The rest of the exhibition concentrates on highlighting other artists associated with the New Harmony Clay Project.  Founded by Lenny Dowhie in 2015, The New Harmony Clay Project (NHCP) is an International Artist in Residence program housed in the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Pottery Studio in New Harmony, Indiana. The program fosters an environment that supports the investigation of new ideas and work of ceramic artists. Additionally, NHCP supports this mission through the residency, educational and public events programing.

Mitzi Davis, the NHCP’s program manager showcases her recent functional work within one of our galleries.  Selections from the Robert Lee Blaffer collection occupy the last gallery. The collection consists of artworks from former NHCP residents, including Vlad Basarab, Blayze Buseth, Tristyn Bustamante, Donna Causland, Katie Chandler, Alexis Dahl, Mitzi Davis, Sydney Ewerth, Misty Gamble, Lene Graversgaard, Krestine Harboe, Jeremiah Ibarra, Xiao Jiang, Morgana King, Marina Kuchinski, Mark Lyman, Anne Mezsko, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Kritika Soni, Tony Treadway, James Lee Webb, and Kari Woolsey.