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USI's theatre degree can open doors for you in the performing arts industry.

If you're serious about a theatre career, USI's Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Theatre Arts can give you a great start.

You'll work alongside theatre pros, both in class and on the set, while earning a top-notch theatre degree that covers acting, writing, directing, technical theatre and everything in between.

Our theatre program stages professional-quality productions in the $20 million USI Performance Center (opened in Spring 2015) with state-of-the-art design studios and production shops. What's more, as a theatre major at USI, you'll have the chance to:

  • Get professional experience through the Repertory Project, which allows students to perform alongside union actors from New York and elsewhere.
  • Earn Actor's Equity points that give you a head start on a professional theatre career.
  • Work on theatre productions as a freshman, instead of waiting years for a chance.
  • Take all your performing arts classes with experienced faculty (never graduate students).
  • Belong to a supportive, tight-knit community of talented theatre majors.

Contact USI Admission at 800-467-1965 for complete details about USI's career-building bachelor's degree in theatre.

Get professional experience—and Equity points—in USI's theatre program.

USI's theatre degree provides you with rare opportunities that only the best college theatre programs offer.

USI Theatre stages four main-stage shows during each academic year, along with student-directed offerings in our black box theatre, the Mallette Studio Theatre. You'll have a chance to work in every theatre genre. You'll also get hands-on experience in every aspect of theatre production, from acting to set design, costumes, lighting, sound and props. See a complete listing of past productions by the USI performing arts program.

To find out how you can gain experience and professional polish with a USI theatre degree, contact USI Admission at 800-467-1965. Prospective Theatre Arts majors are encouraged to audition and interview for talent scholarships in the spring of their senior year in high school. To request an interview for a scholarship, contact the coordinator, Eric Altheide.

Where are they now?

To find out what some of our graduates are up to, click Alumni Spotlight

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region 3, 2019

University of Southern Indiana Theatre travels to Madison, WI to compete and showcase their work from 2018 shows and projects. Watch this 8 minute version of the shorter video featured on the Philip H. Hagemann Performing Arts Department page to see more of our students' work featured.

Theatre Arts Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate an ability to apply past and current trends to the art and craft of theatre.

Students will demonstrate an awareness of historical contexts as they apply to theatrical expression.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the balance between intellectual and practical processes in the theatre through academic achievement and research with a creative application.

Students will develop skills in critical thinking and communication that reflect the level of achievement to be expected of any graduate of the University.

Students will demonstrate through their work both inside and outside the classroom their understanding that Theater requires component powers of critical thinking, organization, self-discipline, collaboration and interpersonal sensitivity.  

Students will show an ability to impart a degree of their training to others so that it may have application to future communities that the student may serve.

Students will demonstrate the ability to apply professional practices within their areas of theatre expertise.

Students will understand the ethical responsibility of the theatre practitioner where theatre is a foundational part of the social context.