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The primary purpose of the Alumni-in-Residence program is to provide opportunities for students to gain insights into the business world and into the thoughts and lives of successful Romain College of Business graduates. This is a great opportunity during the spring semester when a graduate is invited to talk with students and faculty.

2019: Antone '92 and Izumi M'94 Greubel, Deputy Chief of Mission at Embassy Apia, Samoa (news article) (post article)

2015: David Goodman '79, CEO of Advanced Green Technologies

2014: Elizabeth Childers '99, marketing leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

2013: Kyle Fields '06, general manager for the Indiana office of SS&C Technologies

2012: Luke Yaeger MBA '07, senior vice president for commercial lending, Evansville Commerce Bank

2011: Trenton Christian '07, international sales representative, Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., Inc.

2010: Tracy Zeller '89, owner, Tracy Zeller Enterprises

2009: W. Kerry Jackson '84, executive vice president, chief financial officer, and treasurer, Shoe Carnival, Inc.

2008: Donna Harris '93MBA '01, vice president and senior human resources business partner, Fifth Third Bank Southern Indiana

2007: cancelled

2006: Derek Faughn '84, senior director for information management, Mead Johnson, a subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb

2005: Travis Hudak '00, finance manager, GE Plastics' Production Center of Excellence in Mount Vernon

2004: Kelly Dillon '92, assistant manager of public relation, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana

2003: J. Edward Wicht '92, staff attorney, Securities and Exchange Commission's Division of Enforcement

2002: Michael Head '80, president, First Federal Savings Bank

2001: Steve Lowrey '76, president and CEO, Texas-based Franchise Concepts Inc.

2000: Kenneth L. Sendelweck '76, president and chief executive officer of German American Bank in Jasper

1999: Daniel S. Hermann '79, president, Black Beauty Coal Co.

1998: Tina Kern '86, president, Kern Brothers Office Environment Products and Systems, Inc.

1996: Wilder Allen '89, president, Safety Management Corporation

1995: Randall Haaff '84, manager of finance, Total Audio Visual Services, a unit of General Electric Capital Services

1994: Chris Melton '72, National City Bank

1993: Terry Hitch '73, central zone manager, Eastman Kodak

1992: Ron Bonger '81, co-founder, president, and CEO, Firehouse, Inc.

1990: William Fisher '73, senior vice president and COO, Applied Communications, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska

Entrepreneur's Perspective Series

The Entrepreneur’s Perspective Speakers Series highlights speakers who support and convey the fundamentals of the College's entrepreneurial ecosystem, which focuses on education, engagement and entrepreneurial outcomes.

2018: Andrew Newman, author and entrepreneur (post-release)

2016: Randy Best, chairman and founder of Academic Partnerships and Whitney University System

2015: Michael Cloran, founding partner of DeveloperTown

2014: Ken Thuerbach, business executive and general partner at Chair 2 Holdings LLLP 


The primary purpose of the Executive-in-Residence program is to provide opportunities for students to gain insights into the business world and into the thoughts and lives of business executives. This is a great opportunity when an executive is invited to talk with students and faculty.

2020: Aditi Deeg, chief financial officer, charity: water (POSTPONED)

2017: Kevin Hammett, president and chief executive officer, Regency Properties (USI release) (post release)

2016: Larry May, President & Chairman, Keller Schroeder

2016: Doug Field, VP, Engineering, Tesla Motors, Inc. 

2015: Doug Joest, executive director of Evansville Regional Airport

2014: Linda E. White, president & CEO of Deaconess Health System

2013: Kent Parker, business executive, entrepreneur and investor

2012: Chris Traylor, CEO of Traylor Brothers, Inc.

2011: Pete Mogavero, CEO of Anchor Industries

2010: Robert J. (Bob) Keller, president & chief executive officer, Escalade, Inc.

2009: Ira G. Boots, president and CEO, Berry Plastics

2008: Tim Stonesifer, chief financial officer, SABIC Innovative Plastics

2007: James C. Thyen, president and CEO, Kimball International Inc.

2006: J.P. Engelbrecht, vice president and chief operating officer, South Central Communications Corporation

2005: Robert G. Jones, president and CEO, Old National Bancorp

2004: Regency Commercial Associates

  • James McKinney, president and CEO
  • Marian Blackford, vice president and CFO
  • Julie Clayton, director of Administration and Project Management
  • Jeff Howell, director of Property Management
  • Joe Kiefer, director of Sales and Leasing

2003: Charles D. Storms, president, and CEO, Red Spot Paint and Varnish Co., Inc.

2002: Rick Geissinger, president and CEO, American General Financial Services in Evansville, who also serves as vice chairman of Consumer Lending for American International Group in New York

2001: Al Ritz, founder and president, Card Management Corporation (CMC)

2000: Alan R. Brill, president, Brill Media Company, LLC

1999: Kay Forbes-Smith, president, KFS & Associates

1998: Dennis Gage, president, Bradley David Productions

1997: Alan Holaday, vice president, Whirlpool Corporation

1996: John R. Dolan, president, Mead Johnson Nutritionals

1995: John Lippert, chairman and CEO, National City Bank

1994 Fall: Martin R. Imbler, President and Chief Executive Officer, Berry Plastics

1994 Spring: Lawrence Prybil, Daughters of Charity National Health System-East Central Region

1993 Spring: William G. Mays, Mays Chemical Company, Inc.

1992 Fall: Steven J. Schenck, NBD, Indiana

1992 Spring: Margaret Henderson Blair, research systems corporation

1991 Fall: Michael Campbell, Hurco Companies, Inc. and Hurco Manufacturing Co.

1991 Spring: Craig Schnuck, Schnucks Markets, Inc.

1990 Fall: J. C. Anderson, Whirlpool Corporation

1990 Spring: David Russell, The Carnival Shoes & Fashions, DAR Investments Group, Inc.

1989 Fall: Brian Derry, General Electric

1989 Spring: Irwin Teich, Barclay's American Business Finance

1988 Spring: Jack F. Malaney, L. S. Ayers Department store

1987 Fall: Robert Koch, II, George Koch Sons, Inc.

1987 Spring: Victoria Bennett Buyniski, United Medical Resources, Inc.

1986 Fall: John Bolger, CEO, American General Financial Services

1986 Spring: Robert Griffin, Indiana Industries, Inc.

1985 Fall:  H. Lee Cooper, president, Citizens National Bank

1985 Spring: Robert W. Swan, CPA, Kemper CPA Group

1984 Fall: J. R. Dick Harris, Southern Indiana Bank and Trust Company

1984 Spring: Robert M. Leich, Jr., Charles Leich & Company and Charter Leasing

1983 Fall: Brian R. Bosworth, Indiana Department of Commerce

1983 Spring: Carolyn Georgette, Indiana Bell Telephone Company

1982 Fall: Ray Egan, Mead Johnson Corporation

1982 Spring: William Snyder, Whirlpool Corporation

1981 Fall: Richard W. Shymanski, Harding, Shymanski & Company

1981 Spring: David H. College, DeZurik Corporation

1980 Fall: Mace Broide, U. S. House of Representatives

1980 Spring: Andrienne E. Savage, Cummins Engine Company, Inc.

1979 Fall: Garth Marston, The Provident Institution for Savings

1978 Fall: Rich Davis, Evansville Courier

1978 Spring: Richard I. Culp, Arthur Andersen & Company of Indianapolis

1977 Fall: Everitt A. Carter, Oak Industries, Incorporated

1977 Spring: Leon T. Kendall, Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation

1976 Fall: Beryl Robichaud, McGraw-Hill, Inc.

1976 Spring: Robert E. Green, Executive Inn

1975 Fall: Wendell L. Dixon, Credit Thrift Financial, Inc.

1974 Fall: Kenneth W. Bradfield, Hahn, Incorporated

1974 Spring: John F. Gaither, Gaither, Hortin & Koewler

1973 Fall: Robert B. Slade, Inland Container Corporation

1973 Spring: Alan B. Graf, Keller-Crescent Company

Innovative Speaker Series

Through its Innovative Speaker Series, the Romain College of Business strives to present a speaker who has displayed leadership and innovation in the world of business. It is an event for the University and the tri-state communities.

Lessons Beyond the Classroom Speaker Series

The presenters in this series are experts in a variety of business areas, and they are invited to campus to share their experiences and “lessons learned” as they have progressed in their careers.  A presentation typically involves hands-on information that is intended to encourage questions and discussion from the participants, and it is hoped the participants will gain knowledge that will be applied in their own lives and in their future careers. 

  • February 28, 2024: Andy Niemeier, co-CEO, Azzip Pizza - "Ready for Change: Adapting to the Marketplace and Lessons Learned in Azzip's Journey." (USI news release) (post-release)
  • February 13, 2024: Ross Mayfield, Investment Strategy Analyst, Baird Private Wealth Management - "Markets, Building Wealth as a Student and Careers in Investing." (USI news release) (post-release)
  • November 15, 2023: Kyla Scanlon, Social Content Creator and Founder of the financial education company, Bread - "In This Economy? How Money and Markets Really Work." (USI news release) (post-release
  • March 17, 2023: Charles Noussair, Eller Professor of Economics at the University of Arizona - “Emotions and Economic Behavior”. (USI news release) (post-release)
  • February 7, 2023: Ross Mayfield, Investment Strategy Analyst, Baird Private Wealth Management - "Market Outlook and Building Wealth As A Student." (USI news release) (post-release)
  • April 8, 2019: Erik Deckers, author, blogger, and humor columnist - "“Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself.” (USI news release) (post-release)
  • February 19, 2019: Mark Nickel, Hilliard Lyons Chief Investment Officer - "Lessons Learned as a Portfolio Manager." (USI news release) (post-release)
  • November 28, 2018: Erin Bemis, SCORE Google Tour – “Reach Customers Online with Google.” (USI news release)
  • October 25, 2018: Chris Hogan, Dave Ramsey Speakers Group – “Your Financial Decisions Today will Determine Your Financial Future.” (USI news release) (post-release)