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Randy Beard, Chairman & Founder, Academic Partnerships & Whitney University System

Entrepreneur's Perspective Series
The Entrepreneur’s Perspective Speakers Series highlights speakers who provide insights on entrepreneurship and the connection between education and entrepreneurial outcomes.

Randy Best is chairman and founder of Academic Partnerships & Whitney University System. He has founded or acquired more than 100 privately or publicly held companies in a broad range of fields including healthcare, defense and aerospace, publishing, agriculture, food, oil and gas, real estate and education. Best turned to higher education and founded Whitney University System, an international higher education company, which forms strategic partnerships with top universities across Latin America to help them expand access to post-secondary education through technology. He subsequently founded Academic Partnerships, a higher education service company, which assists leading universities, in the U.S. and around the world, in vastly increasing access through technology and giving them global reach.

Best is a graduate of Lamar University, and serves or has served in many business and education capacities. He and his wife support numerous philanthropic endeavors, mostly in Africa. His presentation is titled, "Entrepreneurship-A Way of Life."

David Goodman

The primary purpose of the Alumni-in-Residence program is to provide opportunities for students to gain insights into the business world and into the thoughts and lives of successful Romain College of Business graduates. This is a great opportunity during the spring semester when a graduate is invited to talk with students and faculty.

Mr. David Goodman, CEO of Advanced Green Technologies, interacted with students and faculty in several sessions. The framework of his conversation was how will students maximize opportunities that lie before them in business and society?

Oscar Salazar

Innovative Speaker Series
Through its Innovative Speaker Series, the Romain College of Business strives to present a speaker who has displayed leadership and innovation in the world of business. It is an event for the University and the tri-state communities.

As the founding chief technology officer (CTO) of Uber, which launched in 2009, Dr. Oscar Salazar was instrumental in helping to design the architecture of on-demand transportation worldwide. Since the early days of Uber, he has provided telecommunications and engineering expertise in the design and architecture of a variety of innovative businesses, products and systems that help make positive impacts in people’s lives. Salazar is a successful and seasoned entrepreneur, senior executive and investor in numerous successful technology firms (USI news release).

Kevin Hammett

The primary purpose of the Executive-in-Residence program is to provide opportunities for students to gain insights into the business world and into the thoughts and lives of business executives. This is a great opportunity during the fall semester when an executive is invited to talk with students and faculty.

Kevin Hammett, president and chief executive officer of Regency Properties, serves as the 2017 Executive in Residence. His presentation is titled, "The Adaptation of Retail to E-Commerce: A Real Estate Practitioner’s Perspective" (USI news release) and (post-release).

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