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Letter from the Assistant Dean of Nursing

Mission & Philosophy

Vision, Mission and Core Values
Goal Statements
Conceptual Framework
Code of Ethics

Guidelines and Standards

National Guidelines & Standards
Program Outcome Statements
Professional Behavior


RN-BSN Admission Requirements
RN Licensure Requirement
Application Process
Mandatory Requirements for All Students


RN-BSN Curriculum
Credit for Prior Learning
Grading Scale
Practice Experiences
Examination and Test Review Policy
Progression and Dismissal Policy

Clinical Agency Requirements

All students selected for admission to the nursing program must also meet clinical agency requirements and be able to perform essential functions as outlined in the CNHP Handbook, be eligible for RN licensure, and capable of fulfilling clinical practice requirements.

CPR and TB Requirements
HIPAA Requirements
OSHA Requirements
CNHP Infection Control
Zachary Law Compliance Policy

Health Requirements

Information regarding the College of Nursing and Health Profession’s essential functions that are necessary to meet the clinical/practice/field/work can be found in the College of Nursing and Health Professions Handbook.

Immunization Schedule
Documentation of Health Requirements
Pregnancy and Change in Health Status
Health Insurance and Healthcare Responsibility
Emergency Preparedness Plan


RN-BSN Advising
Disability Resources
Essential Functions

Preceptor Guidelines and Forms

Preceptor Criteria
Preceptor Agreement
Preceptor and Student Guidelines

Academic Rights and Appeal Policies


Graduation Honors
Application for Graduation

General Information and Policies


Appendix A - Professional Standards & Behavior


RN-BSN Professional Behavior Agreement
Planned Student Absence
Performance Improvement Plan
Profession Code of Conduct and Meeting Attendance Contract
Social Media Policy
Nursing 457: Population Focused Nursing Care Service Learning Project Approval

Request for Readmission to the USI RNBSN Program